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Spring Festival Activities at SWUFE Confucius Institutes

During the Spring Festival, the 2 Confucius institutes established by SWUFE and the State University of New York at Albany, SS Cyril and Methodius University held the spring festival activities and brought China traditional culture to the local people.

On February 4th, the “Amazing China New Year” Jointly organized by the Confucius institute of the State University of New York at Albany, SWUFE and the Chinese community, Confucius College of Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera kicked off in the Dome Theater, attracted more than a thousand people.

"Stone Mountain", "leopard", "Suzhou" and "little cowherd" performed by teachers from National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, "House of Flying Daggers " and "send me a rose" played by the visiting scholar Chen Wenwen, "Beautiful Grassland" performed by Professor Zhang Hong have won lasting applause from the audience. Small actors from Albany Kong Fu team also brought a fantastic show.

On February 11th, a five-day Chinese film week held by the Confucius institutes established by SWUFE and SS Cyril and Methodius University opened in the Macedonian National Film Museum. The chief counselor of Chinese Embassy in Macedonia, Hua Yafang, Secretary of Macedonia European Secretariat, Anna Blazeska, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute, Professor Deng Shizhong and some important people attended the opening ceremony.

Hua Yafang briefly introduced the gratifying situation of the economic and cultural communication between China and Malaysia in recent years and highly praised the positive contribution made by the Confucius Institute. Ms. Blazeska introduced the Chinese Film Week activities in fluent Chinese.

The famous director Sasha Sidanixi also introduced some knowledge of Chinese films. The magic ingredients, special cooking methods and the beautiful customs from "Gift of nature, A bite of China" have left a deep impression on the audience.

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