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The weather was good, and Chengdu was a great place to visit

July the 4th

The day ended with a visit in the Kuan Zhai Alley, during which, games and cuisines added a great deal of joy. Enthusiasm would never retreat even as the nightfall. Thanks to the newly constructed Metro leading directly to the destination Kuan Zhai Alley, a trip on road could be as fast as taking only half an hour. Roaming under the ancient eaves and immersing in the mix of peddling and either stylish or traditional music, this is a contrast of old and new as well as a combination of western and eastern culture. Relished by interesting Treasure hunting games on the classical Chinese version Kuan Zhai Alley while satisfied with piles of Sichuan specialties, day 2 would be the one of most memorable days for international students during this cross-cultural journey.

July the 6th

On July 6th, after waiting for a few days with eager and expectation, the big day to discover the local culture and history of Chengdu arrived eventually. The student ambassadors visited the Panda Base and Chengdu Museum, took a scavenger hunt in Jinli street and strolled about in the Chunxi Road. In the morning, all the student ambassadors were in favor of a go-with-desire trip with breeze of stroking their faces in Panda Base. Panda ,as one of the most crucial tokens of China, always leave a domicile impression on the whole world. Some student ambassadors have seen pandas representing friendship in their country in their countries. However, they would experience a more true aspect of our pandas here in Chengdu. We were all excited after we entered the Base. Led by the guide, we explored the mysterious and intriguing life of pandas. The cute pandas caught everyone’s eyes at the first place. Some were lying on the grass, nibbling at bamboos comfortably. Some were sleeping on a wood terrace without a single movement, fluffy and adorable. Some turned round with back towards us in our flaming watching. Pandas were extremely cute, which aroused our maternal instinct and excitement. Some student ambassadors even expressed their desires for a eating -and -sleeping life like pandas.

In the afternoon, we went to the Jinli Street. All the student ambassadors were excited to do the scavenger hunt there. The winners were rewarded with cute panda dolls and notebooks. During the hunt, the student ambassadors were fascinated by the quaint street, with walking on the ancient stone road, directly feeling true historical Chengdu, surprisingly interacting the traditional Chengdu lifestyle with the modern bustling living way. After that, we went to the Chengdu Museum. In there, we were overwhelmed by the charm of in-depth culture and history of Chengdu. We not only had a general view of how the shadow play operated, but also we had a better understanding of the tea culture and Sichuan spices. In the evening, we strolled about in the Chunxi road. Chunxi Road is the business center in Chengdu and it can provide a reflection of the modernization of Chengdu. The student ambassadors were attracted by different shopping malls and diverse local food. Everyone ended their explorations with their preferences. The one-day tour in Chengdu ended in joy and laughter. Everyone had a good day through sharing gorgeous sunshine and appreciating national treasures of Chinese nation. Despite this short and fleeting time, those memories remain in minds and the friendship lasts in hearts.

July 10th

All the student ambassadors had an in-depth understanding of China economy and development in the daytime. Meanwhile, they were involved in enjoying the Sichuan Opera with eager in the evening when all the student ambassadors visited Sichuan Opera Art Center and had an obsession for the Sichuan Opera. The Sichuan Opera has a long history of keeping the optimized traditions of quite a few repertoire, rich melodies and supreme performing arts. Student ambassadors were overwhelmed by the face-changing with the lasting applause. Face changing is not simply changing one’s facial makeup in a casual way, but is a special technique in the performance of Sichuan Opera. It refers to the changing of masks in quick succession to show different emotions and feelings of the character in the play. Likewise, the fire-spitting intrigued the student ambassadors as well. All the student ambassadors gained a lot today. On condition that our student ambassadors can what they learned during this wonderful journey, they will be endowed with a promising future beyond their expectation.

On July 11th

After a lecture in the morning, the student ambassadors visited Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, learning about an overview of Chengdu. The following destination was Global Center—a recreational paradise, where students spent free time on their own arrangement. In the afternoon, student ambassadors took the subway to visit Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall. Chengdu is a city with 2500 years history, and is also a city whose name has never been changed since it was named firstly. Two documentaries played in the exhibition hall demonstrated how prosperous this city was and the various and rich culture it accumulated as time went by. At the end of one documentary, the audience also saw the future planning of Chengdu. Meanwhile, a tour guide introduced a mini model of Chengdu’s general view to the students. The advanced devices and technology in Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall laid an impression on everyone present.

The last destination on July 11th was New Century Global Center, which is Asia 's largest building in terms of floor area. This grand building houses a shopping mall, offices, conference rooms, a water park and a variety of restaurants.Dark fell, and night came. It was a memorable day, recording everyone’s smile and love to the city — Chengdu.

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