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Discover SWUFE Summer School offered a festival of multi-faceted Chinese culture

July 8th

This day was a festival of Chinese culture. Chinese learning was continued with developments on Business Chinese class, including terminologies in the business world and fieldwork involving role play. Practices were ongoing among groups and interactions between teachers and international students would never stop throughout the whole morning classes. The cultural feast, finally, came in the afternoon. Writing on a foldable fan with a brush pen was surely the main course of Calligraphy class, which can’t be newer for these culture explorers, while the handcraft-double happiness, just added pleasure as it means. Examples to make a cup of authentic tea were first set by teachers, then, attracted by such a unique Yumcha art, volunteers among international students were practicing with a huge passion. Melodious civil music flavored the dish of Chinese culture. Immersing in rhythm generated from Pipa, Guzheng, Dizi and varieties of other Chinese instruments, this was a banquet auditorily as well as visually. Having been knowing about Chinese traditional medicine for years, this was the chance to experience it in person. Treatment like Acupuncture, amazing as it may be, the effect of which is indeed convincing. Finally, excitement was released on the Martial Art class. Dressing in the white kungfu costume and following the introduction from professional coach, training ground was full of vitality. As the cultural banquet coming to the end, the two-week discovery was also half way through.


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