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Discover SWUFE 2017

Discover SWUFE Summer School 2017

No Programm Costs Online Application

The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) invites you to come and experience life in Sichuan, China, as an international student guest. This is your chance to be an ambassador for your university and experience life at one of the top universities in China. In return we offer you an authentic‘taste’of modern day life in China.


This is a diverse two week program combining study, travel, and visiting local businesses; giving you a short but wonderful experience of SWUFE, Sichuan, and China in general. You will attend lectures, delivered in English, by leading professors from SWUFE and also get the chance to meet with senior professionals from local business.

The program is about much more than academic/professional learning; our focus is on providing an unforgettable experience that will also take you on a journey in to other aspects of life in modern China. If you enjoy exotic cuisine, the unique foods in Chengdu and Sichuan can be savored in the famous Jinli Street. If you enjoy theatre, the breath-taking traditional Chinese mask changing performances are unbelievable.

If you like history and culture, we will show you the local World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, such as the Sichuan Panda Sanctuaries, the famous Wuhou Shrine, Mount Qingcheng, the Giant Buddha at Leshan, and much more!


You will also get chance to learn Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, cooking and traditional music! These experiences combined will give you a unique and first-hand understanding of Chinese culture, language and business.


No Program Costs

This exciting experience is our invitation for you to have a wonderful time in our university and country. We will pay for all costs of this 10-day program, including course fees, accommodation, transportation around Chengdu, and all meals.

You might probably want to bring some of your own spending money for unique gifts to take back home to  your friends and family.

How To Apply

The 2017 online application will be open soon.
For more information please contact:

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