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The 1st China-UK Microfinance and Rural Finance Conference

On 28th-29th March, the 1st China-UK Microfinance and Rural Finance Conference was organized in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics by School of Finance, SWUFE and School of Management and Business, Aberystwyth University, incooperation with International Small Business Journal and SWUFE Microfinance Research Center. The conference brought nearly 40 experts from home and abroad to share their insights and knowledge.

22 papers were selected from submitted papers for presentation and discussion concerning microfinance, rural finance, and how China can learn from foreign micro enterprise/SME finance, agriculture system and rural finance. 7 scholars and experts gave keynote speech. The conference also examined folk finance, financial inclusion, micro finance institutions development and internet finance innovation.

Vice-president Yin Qingshuang briefed on the current trend in infinance industry and SWUFE's ambition for the development of finance thin ktank.

SWUFE-Aberystwyth Microfinance, Rural Finance and Agriculture Organization Joint Research Centre was launched in the conference as a platform for broad academic exchange, in-depth cooperation and institutional performance and policy improvement.

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