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Leader Group Visited European Universities

During 20th - 29th July, 2017, the vice principle Shi Daimin led a group to visit universities and related institutes in German, France and Netherland. Leaders from Research Institute of Economics and Management, School of Administrative Management, Western Business School, School of Statistics and Office of International Exchange and Cooperation also joined the visit together with the group.

In German, the vice principle Shi Daimin and colleagues visited Dresden University of Technology and held a meeting with the vice principle Hans Georg Krauthäuser, dean of international office Marion Helemann and foreign-affair leaders from School of Business and Economics as well as School of Communications. Both parties had a friendly communication on the topic of teacher exchange, scientific research cooperation, student exchange, joint cultivation graduates, cooperation in holding international meetings and so on, signing a university-level cooperation agreement and starting a new page of cooperation between two universities.

In France, the delegation group had a meeting with Bernard Terrany, the international relation development director from French IPAG Senior Business School, international department dean assistant Sandra and the leader of Asia relation in international department Charlotte Barrat, etc. Both parties reviewed the achievements in student exchange together and discussed the further expansion of student exchange scale and level, innovation of scientific research communication and cooperation mode between both teachers and promotion of deeper development of cooperation. Afterwards, the delegation group also visited the Ministry of Education of Chinese Embassy in France, and they had a meeting with Minister Counselor Ma Yansheng and Third Secretary Gu Jinyu on internationalized and university construction, Sino-France higher education communication and cooperation, etc. They also reached a consensus on further deepening and expanding the cooperation issue between SWUFE and French universities.

In Netherland, the delegation group had a meeting with Dean Steef van de Velde and Dean Arnoud Monster of admission in Rotterdam School of Management. Both parties discussed about strengthening student exchange, joint education student, teacher exchange and visit, faculty training, etc. Meanwhile, they also made a deep discussion and reached a consensus on the frontier fields such as big data, financial technology and sustainable development. The vice principle Shi Daimin expressed that, we should fully play the role of Chinese office of Rotterdam School of Management so as to provide a broader platform for two universities’ substantial cooperation. He also hoped that both parties could conduct multiple and richer communication and cooperation on this basis, which would benefit teachers and students from two universities and promote cooperation and a win-win situation.

Afterwards, the delegation group also visited Tilburg University and had a meeting with the Vice Dean Geert Duysters of School of Economics and Management, policy consultant Linda van Klink and policy consultant of international office Zarrea Plaisier. Both parties had a deep discussion on cooperation in education and teaching field, and meanwhile both parties reached cooperation willingness in integrating advantageous resources and improving international joint scientific research project.

It is an important content of our international development strategy to consolidate and expand the cooperation between SWUFE and European universities. The visit to European universities further strengthen the substantial mutual communication and cooperation between SWUFE and European first-rate universities and academic institutes, developing new cooperation partners and digging out and integrating European premium education resource. It has important significance for supplementing the “deep open” core strategy, promoting globalized strategy layout and enhancing the rapid development of internationalization. (Office of International Exchange and Cooperation)