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SUNY at Albany-SWUFE Confucius Institute held "Confucius Institute Day" and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations

It was mid-autumn and slightly cold. Local Beijing time, on the evening of October 3rd, the "Confucius Institute Day" celebrations and the Mid-Autumn Festival was held by the State University of New York at Albany-Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Confucius Institute. The celebrations took place at the State University of New York at Albany Performing Arts Center. The president of SUNY at Albany, Havidan Rodriguez, the vice president Bill Herderberg and the heads of the relevant departments, teachers, students and community members nearly 500 people got together and had a traditional festival full of Chinese culture. The Chinese president of the Confucius Institute, Shuai Jianlin, hosted the event. The foreign principal Huang Youqin, president Rodriguez and vice president Mark Lenzi addressed the participants.

The performance in the evening started with a children's ancient poetry recitation.Rap Facial Makeup” mixed by Beijing Opera and rap music and the traditional singingMu Guiying Command” receied most applause. When it came to our American friends’ Tai Chi performance, people were raising their hands and showed their love for Chinese culture. Pipa solo "Huan Qin" and the "House of Flying Daggers” were so wonderful, which completely showed the beauty of traditional  Chinese music. Finally, all performance ended with soulful songs like "River Dripping Water" and "Let the World be Full of Peace".

In addition to the wonderful art programs, the Confucius Institute also held special Mid-Autumn Festival cultural activities, like guessing riddles, playing games, and tasting delicious moon cakes, which was to spread traditional Chinese culture, deepening the friendship between China and America.