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Our Business Administration Group Obtained an EQUIS Re-Certification for Another Three Years

On March 27th, our university received the news from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) that SWUFE's Business Administration Group successfully obtained an EQUIS re-certification for three more years. In 2014, the School of Business Administration (SBA) received the EQUIS certification for the first time.

The successful EQUIS re-certification is an affirmation for our university's efforts to strengthen our professional discipline. It is of great significance to promote the construction of the superior discipline of business administration, to promote the construction of world class disciplines and to improve the strength of the management of our schools, and to speed up the construction of a high level research university with a distinctive international reputation.

In October 2016, on the basis of the first EQUIS certification in 2014, our university's Business Administration Group, a combination of the three Colleges of Business Administration, the SBA, the Western Business School and the Research Institute of Economics and Management, was formally established. The group integrates an advanced business education concept, a strong international teaching force and a tight enterprise network. As a new certification body, the EQUIS re-certification work is carried out in an all-round way.

In October 2017, Professor Olivier Oger, President of the Northern Higher Business College of France, came to our school as the leader of the group. It conducted field investigations on the management and development strategy of the discipline group, teaching projects, teachers and students, scientific research, resource allocation, internationalization, enterprise contacts, social responsibility etc. The expert group affirmed the consensus of the discipline group, and believed that the establishment of the discipline group was conducive to the integration of resources and a coordinated development, especially for the strong external environmental support, the quality of the students, the close association of alumni and enterprises, the high level of the administrative level, and the outstanding contribution to the local community.