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SWUFE held the 2018 Guanghua Basketball Cup

From March 26th to April 11th, 2018, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Guanghua Basketball Tournament was held on the Liulin Campus Basketball Courts. The tournament was set up of the two competitions "Five Party Basketball" and "Basketball Fun". In total, 18 colleagues of the male and female teaching staff and 38 teams participated, adding up to more than 400 people. Each team was well preparing for the competition. The players were fighting hard, playing in style and on a professional level, stimulating the enthusiasm of both teachers and students, further promoting the development of the national fitness activities of our school.    

After a tough competition, the School of Finance, the Department of General Education and the School of Business Administration were the winners in the men's competition, while the Department of General Education, the School of Public Administration and the Institute of Finance were heading the Women's groups. The sports moral award and the best organization award were also given.