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IPO Review: Latest Developments and Specifications

The 4849th Phase of the Forum on Social Celebrities and Entrepreneurs

Theme: IPO Review: Latest Developments and Specifications

Lecturer: Qin Chao, Sen. Manager of the Guang Fa Securities Investment Banking Department

Host: Prof. Li Jianyong, China Financial Research Center, SWUFE

Time: March 29, 2018 (Thursday), 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Location: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Liulin Campus, Gezhi Building 618

Sponsor: Research Office of the China Financial Research Center

Introduction of the Speaker:

1) Qin Chao, Senior Manager of the Guang Fa Securities Investment Banking Department,

2) Sponsor Representative, Certified Public Accountant, Intermediate Accountant.

3) Master of Financial Management, SWUFE

4) Joined the Guangdong Securities Investment Banking Department in 2010.

5) Qin Chao has been responsible for or involved in the following projects: Lijun shares IPO (2012), IP (2014), Sichuan Instrument shares TBEA corporate bonds (2015), TBEA stock (2017), TBEA (2018), John Hancock medical sustainable corporate bonds (2016), John Hancock medical major asset heavy group (2016), John Hancock medical overseas acquisitions PRP project (2017), TAHAL health major asset restructuring (2017), *ST (2018), listed on the recovery of vanadium titanium Kuwait Longxin board (2015), three new board listings for Environmental Honghua (2016), Santai Electronics (2013) equity pledge, pledge of shares Guangri shares (2014, 2016).