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Public Lecture: The Discovery and Internationalization of Megacities

Guanghua Forum -- Issue No. 4882 -- Forum of Social Celebrities and Entrepreneurs

Topic: The Discovery and Internationalization of Megacities

Lecturer: Vadim Rossman, University of International Business and Economics

Host: Professor Chen Lili, International Business School

Time: April 17, 2018 (Tuesday) 13:55-16:30

Venue: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Liulin Campus, Yide Building, H315

Organizer: International Business School, Scientific Research Office

Introduction to the Speaker:

Vadim Rossman, The University of Texas at Austin (1998), PhD at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Beijing Institute of Opening to the Outside world at the University of International Business and Economics. Main Research Fields: urban research and urban planning, regional research, history, military and security research, politics and International relations.


Internationalization looms large in any account of the economic performance of megacities and trans-metropolitan areas. Many megacities throughout the world are positioning themselves as international business hubs, competing for investments, talents, and international businesses. Internationalization was chosen as one of the critical components of their business strategies, helping to further the research, education, public service and provide better business opportunities. This lecture we will explore the various strategies utilized by different city administrations and other stakeholders to increase their internationalization level. It will discuss the main barriers and benefits of internationalization, the particular challenges and problems of megacities as well as the opportunities. While capital cities often have an advantage in attracting the international investments, talents and private businesses, many megacities throughout the world were very successful in developing their own internationalization strategies and long-term master plans. The lecture will focus on several case studies of European, Asian and American megacities and the lessons that can be learned from their experiences. These case studies will provide insights into the more and less efficient models and patterns of internationalization.