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International Festival at SWUFE

May 23, 2017, SWUFE. The Third International Festival themed “One Road One Belt, Colorful World and Profound Friendship” was held at Jimin Square, Liulin Campus, SWUFE. International students studying in SWUFE, who are from over one hundred countries and regions including those along the route of “One Belt and One Road”, together with our Chinese students, offered us a cultural feast. Now come and start a world tour with me!

Host — an international student

Brilliant Dancing and Singing Performance

It was a sunny day on May 18. An art show performed by international students and Chinese students kicked off. Dancing and singing performance with exotic and unique features offered us the glamour of cultural exchange. Accomplished teachers and students bring us performances with their passion and confidence, which pushed the site atmosphere to climax.

International students from Venezuela are dancing ebullient salsa.

          Sichuan opera “Face-Changing: Shuixiu” enkindled the passion of the whole audience with its unique fascination of Chinese traditional culture.

Teacher from College of International Education and international student from Moldova sung a Chinese song “Fairy Tale”.

International students from Russia performed the excellent traditional dance, Beat Box and songs that impressed the present audience.

Students from College of International Education performed a tai chi fan show. The audience erupted much applause as impressed by its combination of inflexibility and yielding, and its natural and unrestrained quality.

Students from Thailand brought us their traditional dance with a slow rhythm. Their graceful dance steps made us feel exposed in the remote East-Asia.

One belt one road, one world one dream. Band formed by students from Nepal performed a song “We are the World”.

Students from Sri Lanka brought us a lively rhythmic and dynamic traditional dance.

Band formed by students from Kazakhstan offered us a song of soul and love.

Students from Laos performed an elegant and gentle Laotian traditional dance.

Exotic Charm Cannot be Missed.

Drum the original and wild tambourines of Uganda,

Dance the passionate samba accompanied by the summer merry songs.

Keep an elaborately painted Mehndi by the pretty foreign girl,

Seems I put myself in a Middle-Age city,

Intoxicated in the merry melody of tap dancing,

At this very moment,

People make friends with those of different skin colors, and happiness-sharing has no boundary.

Enjoy Food from all over the World.

The most unforgettable is,

Perhaps an overwhelming variety of food from all countries.

Delicious sausage accompanied by Germany's famous dark beer for its cleaning flavor,

Smooth-mouthfeel Korean mixed vegetables and sweet glutinous deep fried rice cake,

Rich Mongolian cheese,

Gustatory senses from all over the five continents mingle with and integrate in Jimin Square,

Just make us indulge in such pleasures without stop.

There is never a boundary for spreading happiness and pursuing dream, just like delicacy and love that we should not miss. During the activity, we randomly selected several students from countries along “One Belt One Road” to interview. China in their eyes is such an enchanting country:

Oliver is from Vietnam. He has a keen interest in learning China’s history and culture. And what impressed him most are Chinese people’ history and cultural inheritance, as well as measures China has taken to protect historical relics.

Shokh, from Uzbekistan, likes China much. He thinks it is very convenient to live in China and people here are very hospitable and amicable.

Zhanbo, coming from Kyrgyzstan, quite enjoys his study and life in SWUFE and Chengdu. He feels classmates here are always willing to help, and spicy food in Chengdu bears his unique memory of Sichuan, “the Land of Abundance”.

Alexzander, from Kazakhstan, likes fast-paced lifestyle in China. He would be encouraged every time he sees many students studying in the library. He wishes he would gain much knowledge in SWUFE.

Gamay (see picture, middle), from Pakistan, feels very happy to study in China and learning Chinese is an interesting thing for him. He believes China’s investment in “One Belt One Road” has helped drive Pakistan’s economic growth and brought much convenience to their Pakistanis who are very grateful to China.

Gao Yang, from Netherlands, enjoys much spicy food in Chengdu. He would like to bring original ideas and technologies he learnt here back to Netherlands.

Huo Xiao (see picture, right), from Russia, coming to China less than two months ago, tells us that he thinks teachers and students in SWUFE are very friendly and SWUFE makes him feel at home.

As a brand activity exhibiting SWUFE’s multi-cultures, International Festival aims to strengthen the international atmosphere in SWUFE, build a harmonious and inclusive cultural exchange platform for all the SWUFE students, and encourage international students and Chinese teachers and students together to enjoy the charm of this harmonious world.

In recent years, SWUFE’s enrollment of international students has been largely increased and so far there are nearly 1000 students from over a hundred countries studying in SWUFE. Meanwhile, educational backgrounds of the enrolled international students are improved. Their Chinese level and quality have prominently enhanced, too.

Edited by: New Media Center / CHEN Min, FU Zhiyuan

Photographed by: New Media Center/ LI Nankai, LU Guoqiong, LI Zhuoyu

Some pictures from: IFC

Layout: New Media Center / LI Nankai / OIEC