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2017 Discover SWUFE International Summer School

July 5th

It was a wonderful day which perfectly combined study and recreation. The students attended two lectures during the day time, after which a hotpot dinner was organized at the Dragon Dance Hotpot Restaurant. In the evening, student ambassadors walked to the Dragon Dance Hotpot Restaurant. Both spicy hotpot condiment and non-spicy one were offered and everyone present enjoyed the tasty food and wore a sweet smile on their faces. And the atmosphere was as hot as the hotpot: students and fellows took photos together and talked warmly. Day3’s activity ended with cheers and laughter, leaving everyone a sweet memory in mind!

July 12th

In the afternoon was Chinese Cooking Class held in Sichuan Tourism College. During the time student ambassadors learnt a summary of cultural difference between China and other countries, as well as cooking Chinese cuisines. The students went to Sichuan Tourism College to take a cooking class. At the beginning of the class, a chef showed the characters of Chinese cuisines, and he displayed the procedures of cooking four traditional Chinese dishes. Students observed and listened carefully to the main chef. The most exciting part came then: students were led to the kitchen to cook a famous Chinese dish—Kung Pao Chicken. There students were divided into several groups. Though at first they were not sure about the amount of some ingredients, they all managed to cook the famous cuisine with the help of other group members. Everyone was wearing a big smile on their faces when seeing the dishes cooked by themselves. Different groups’ dishes tasted slightly different, but they were all delicious. Time slid quickly without being noticed. Students left the kitchen with bowls of dishes and loud laughters. They embarked the road coming back to the school, with satisfaction and pleasure.