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"Chengdu 80" Financial Technology Fintech Product Design and Research Competition Held

From Nov. 1st to 4th, as one of the International Fintech-SWUFE & CDAR 2018 series activities, the “Chengdu 80” Fintech Product Design and Research Competition co-sponsored by SWUFE, the Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk(CDAR) of UC Berkeley, Chengdu Financial Holding Group and State Street was held in SWUFE. Eight teams from Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Southern University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, UC Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and SWUFE participated.

In the product design stage before the final competition, more than ten experts and scholars from CDAR of UC Berkeley, and executives ofState Street visited SWUFE to learn about the progress of the "Chengdu 80" Fintech Product Design and Development Competition. FAN Weihong, Vice Chairman of the University Council, and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, met with the guests and accompanied them to visit the students participated, and also jointly visited the Fintech Innovation Centerwhich is still under construction. The two sides expressed their hope to work together sincerely and jointly to achieve outstanding achievements in personnel training, scientific research and service industries, and fully demonstrate the comprehensive value of high-end laboratories and multiple cooperation platforms.

The final was held in the morning of Nov. 4th. ZHANG Bangfu, the Standing Committee Member and VicePresident, gave a speech at the opening of the finals, emphasizing that the technical skills required for the competition are all the frontier knowledge in the field of financial science and technology. The contestants are excellent students in the world-class universities. The topics of the contest are all jointly made from financial institutions, with a forward-looking and future perspective. He said that by building the competition brand, SWUFE strives to establish a financial science and technology industry and academia communication platform.

HE Yaling, the full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu Financial Holding Group, shared the innovative journey of Chengdu Financial City and the development ideas of Chengdu Financial Holding Group, hoping to take this opportunity to strengthen the cooperation with the academia and explore the development road of the future financial industry.

Kyle Kung, Managing Director of State Street Corporation, introduced the competition rules and competition judges. Eight judges were respectively from State Street Corporation, Swiss Reinsurance Global Institute, MIT, China Construction Bank, Ping’an Pilot Fund, Turing Risk Advisors and TencentTeng’an Fund.

In the final, after 80 hours of intense preparation, eight teams entered the fierce contest of the on-site demonstration and defense. The contestants came on stage one by one, and made project analysis and demonstration on the solution to the problem of "Pricing and Issuance of Individual IPO", expounded the design concept and advantages of the product, and answered the questions of the judges, which fully demonstrated their excellent financial understanding, computer data processing ability, teamwork ability and spirit as well as resilience and innovative thinking.

Finally, the National University of Singapore won the "Pioneer" award, with the University of Hong Kong, and the UC Berkeley winning the "Leader" award, while Georgia Institute of Technology, Beijing University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University and SWUFE won the "Innovator" award.

"Chengdu 80" Fintech Product Design and Research Competition, as an important activity of the International Fintech Forum, is a high-levelfintech competition worldwide. The design concept, team and competition design are all based on the first class and the future. As one of the organizers of the competition, SWUFE has carefully organized and deployed in the event organization, technical support, service guarantee, media coverageand so on. It has built a good competition atmosphere and platform and won praise from all parties.