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Spring Festival Gala Held by Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - SWUFE Confucius Institute

Recently, the Spring Festival Gala held by Confucius Institute of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University was held in Macedonia National Library. MAO Qingwen, Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Macedonia, Nikola Jankulovski, President of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, VicePresidentBiljana Angelova, as well as Frymzim Dauti, President of the Macedonian National Library,Viktor Novakovski, President of NOVA International Middle School, and over 300 teachers and students of Confucius Institute and local people attended this gala.


In his opening speech, LIAO Wei, the Chinese Dean of Confucius Institute, reviewed the achievements of the past year’s work of the Confucius Institute, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Macedonian people for their long-term support and help then delivered New Year’s greetings. The Foreign Dean Vlatko Stoilkov introduced the Chinese Zodiac custom to the audience and wished them all good health and success in the Year of the Pig.





Subsequently, the students of Confucius Institute presented well-prepared performances for the audiences. With a song named Congratulationsjubilantly sang by the students in the children’s class, the Spring Festival gala began; the freshmen classrecitedpoems in clear pronunciation and mellow voice, a song On The Stock Tower brought the audience into ancient China; the students in the children’s class and NOVA International School together performeda song mix, Happy New

Year and Jingle Bells,bringing sheer enjoyment to everyone; while Friends, Descendants of the Dragon, and Listening to Snowdemonstrated a more vivid and modern China to the audience.





 Students in calligraphy classes and freshmen classes also performed the writing of the character “Fu” and the reading of couplets, then introduced the audience to the meaning of “the arrival of happiness” and the symbol of the couplets. The traditional game of “picking up peanutswithchopsticks” has also been chased after, attractingmany audience to experience.The scene was full of laughter.







Confucius Institute aims to be a bridge of cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign countries. While the Spring Festival Gala provides a stage for Confucius Institute students to show their learning achievements, it also demonstrates the local people with Chinese culture and folklore, further expanding the influence of Confucius Institute. In the meantime, it promotes the integration of Chinese and Macedonian cultures, enlightens each other, enhances mutual understanding and deepens the friendship between China and Macedonia.