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Swufers Participated in “Warm Winter of SWUFE” Social Practice Activity in Winter Vacation

To guide the youth to receive education and grow their talents in practice so as to make contributions to the sustained and healthy development of Sichuan’s economic society, as well as the implementation of the targeted poverty alleviation strategy in Sichuan Province, SWUFE’s 446 students in 43 teams went to 35 cities and counties in Sichuan Province to carry out the “Warm Winter of SWUFE” social practice activity with the theme of “Focusing on the Development of Sichuan and Contributing the Power of SWUFE”during the winter vacation.






Under the theme of“Promoting High-quality Development in an All-round Way”, this event focused on two major social practices of “Focusing on Sichuan’s Economic Development” and “One Kindergarten in One Village”poverty alleviation project. Swufers applied and improved their knowledge in practice, embodied SWUFE’s spirit of “To Persistently Strive for the Benefit of People and Society”, and added warmth to the cold winter with practical actions.

Demonstrating the Self-Confidence of the Youth and Promoting the Spirit of the Times




“A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive; a country will be fullof hope and have a great tomorrow only when its younger generations have ideals,ability, and a strong sense of responsibility.”Under the background of the new era, the younger generation shoulders the great mission of the times. the Youth League Committee of SWUFE organized the Star Practice Team to visit Jiajinshan Cadre College in Baoxing County. With the starting point of “Learning Red Culture and Inheriting the Red Spirit", and by reviewing the great and arduous entrepreneurial history of the revolutionary predecessors, team members have strengthened their Party spirit and realized the profound connotation and time value of Jiajinshan Spirit of “Upholding faith firmly, keep solidarity and friendship, challenge the limit and never stop until succeed”. The practice team of the School of Marxist went to Huangjia Village, Yingxiu Town, Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. The ideological and action consciousness of the primary Party organizations are promoted in rural revitalization by means of theoretical lectures, intensive lectures and video lectures, so as to contribute the power of youth in SWUFE to the improvement of people’s livelihood.





Focusing on Sichuan’s Economy and Working Together to Create Its Glory

In the special activities of “Focusing on the Economic Development of Sichuan”, in order to promote the implementation of the strategy of “Governing and Rejuvenating Sichuan”, the youth of SWUFE went deep into cities, towns, villages and various enterprises and institutions to observe and think professionally to understand the actual situation of Sichuan’s economic development, and seek new ways to promote Sichuan’s economic development. The practice team of the School of International Business went to China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. to obtain the research data from the micro and macro aspects. After pointing out Sichuan’s problems in developing the product market along the “Belt and Road” countries, the practice team put forward corresponding policy recommendations to better realize the “Going Out” strategy of Sichuan products and promote the development of Sichuan’s export trade.The practice team of the School of Business Administration went to Luzhou Guojiao Square to get a better understanding of the development of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. and to study the promotion role of Sichuan liquor in developing Sichuan’s economy and adapting it to the new normal, so as to make contribution to the development of Sichuan liquor industry. The practice team of the School of Finance went to Tianfu New District, Qingbaijiang District and Luzhou District to understand the cultural and geographical environment and development status of the three free trade zones. Based on the comparative analysis, the team members put forward feasible suggestions for the development of the free trade zones in the light of their own professional knowledge.The practice team of the School of Public Administration went into Shou’an Town, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, to understand the local residents’ illness situation and annual treatment expenditure through household interviews, and to provide suggestions for improving the rural medical security system and overcoming the persistent difficulty of “poverty caused by illness”. The practice team of the Statistics School took in-depth investigation of the innovative economic model of bamboo weaving industrial park in Qingshen County, Meishan, and summarized successful experience to provide reference for the construction and development of other similar urban and rural areas. The practice team of the School of Insurance visited the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qingyang District, Chengdu, to explore the difficulties faced by the private economy in Sichuan Province under the reform of the social security collection and management system, and to provide research guarantee and support for further promoting the transformation and development of the private economy in Sichuan Province.




Assisting the Targeted Poverty Alleviation of “One Kindergarten in One Village”

In response to the call that “We should continue to implement targeted poverty reduction andalleviation measures” as well as Sichuan Provincial Education Department’s call of “implementing the plan of ‘One Kindergarten in One Village’ to accelerate the development of preschool education in ethnic minority areas”, Swufers went deep into policy-related areas of the Yi nationality to know about the current local situation of language education and other related issues, and provided suggestions for poverty alleviation in local education. The practice team of the School of Accounting went to Quansheng Village, Jinma Town, Ziyang City, to explore the local experience of poverty alleviation and economic development, found the defects and shortcomings still existing in its current development process, and summed up and put forward suggestions for improvement. The practice team of the School of Public Finance and Taxation went to SWUFE’s designated poverty alleviation areaCaizhu Village of Jingyetexi Town, Meigu County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Following local cadres for poverty alleviation and the vanguard of the Party, they visited local kindergarten counselors, relevant cadres of Meigu County Education Department and the principal of Meigu County Junior Middle School to understand the current situation of mandarin teaching in local kindergarten and primary and secondary schools, and put the research results into proposals for the reference of local government. The postgraduate practice team of Western Research Institute of SWUFE went to Aba Prefecture to investigate the current situation of the construction of “One Kindergarten in One Village” and the specific implementation of the targeted poverty alleviation project in Aba Prefecture through questionnaires and fieldwork analysis, and then evaluated the performance of the construction of “One Kindergarten in One Village” in Aba Prefecture.







As a long-term social practice of SWUFE, “Warm Winter of SWUFE” aims to cultivate young people’s character through activities and encourage students to approach the grass-roots level of society to understand the conditions of the nation and the people, convey warmth and care, and devote their strength and knowledge. The youth of SWUFE participated in the most advanced economic development among the prosperous buildings and helped to implement the policy of educational poverty alleviation in remote villages. Through practical actions, they dedicated their youth to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.