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New Year Celebrations at UAlbany-SWUFE Confucius Institute


With gong and drum’s beating and beautiful dancing, warmth and happiness spreading, the UAlbany-SWUFE Confucius Institute celebrated the 2019 Spring Festival in the campus auditorium from 2-5 p.m. at New York local time on February 2nd. More than 1,000 people from the Confucius Institute and other local universities, including teachers and students, overseas Chinese, foreign students and community public, gathered to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.


Paul Tonko, the U.S Congressman, and Harvey Charles, Vice Provost at UAlbany were invited to attend the celebration and deliver speeches. In the speech, Paul Tonko expressed his gratitude to all members in the Confucius Institute for their great efforts and said that Confucius Institute has made great contributions to the diverse cultures of UAlbany and rich social lifestyles of local communities, also enabled American people to have a better understanding of China. In Harvey Charles's speech, he acknowledged and thanked the Confucius Institute for its fruitful work over the past years, saying the traditional Chinese cultural activities held by Confucius Institute not only contribute to the internationalization of UAlbany, but also enhance the local people's understanding of multiculturalism.


Ebullient gongs and drums, passionate dragon dancing performance opened the prelude to the celebration. Families in the New York State Chinese School first brought a lovely performance “Counting Stars” to the audience, which presented a touching and happy family reunion. The enthusiastic chorus “Happy Party” presented by local community, the solo “Without brother, without blossom”, performed by FENG ao, a music teacher at Confucius Institute, as well as the folk music “Long Lovesickness”, played by Clarkson University graduate student SHUAI Lige, Erhu solo “The Battle-Horse Galloping” and other performances have won full applause.


Accompanied by children’s happy seaweed dancing, the celebration entered the temple fair part, including tasting tea, writing Spring Festival couplets, paper cutting, painting faces, guessing lantern riddles, Chinese knots and other 15 cultural booths. Traditional games such as rings, kicking shuttlecock, pinballs, nine series are interesting. In the part of tasting traditional Chinese food, guests appreciated the charm of traditional Chinese culture through the feeling of tongue tip and taste buds. The whole scene was bustling with continuous laughter.
The guests at the temple fair expressed that the Confucius Institute's annual Spring Festival activity is a unique and most desired event for local Chinese and public every year.


This Spring Festival activity is one of the highlights of Confucius Institute's annual culture, and Confucius Institute will continue to set sail in the New Year to make more contributions to Sino-US cultural exchanges.