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SWUFE Leaders CarriedOut Targeted Assistance in Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture

      From March 28th to 29th, MA Xiao, Vice Chairman of the University Council, YIN Qingshuang, Standing Committee Member and Vice President, Prof. SHUAI Qinghong, an expert in e-commerce, and representatives from President’s Office, and Office of the Leading Group for Targeted Poverty Alleviation went to Jinchuan county, Aba prefecture, to propel the targeted assistance with activities like research, meetings, helps, communication and condolences.




MA Xiao, YIN Qingshuang and the delegation held meetings in the County Government of Jinchuan and the Village Committee of Ga Wuling Village of Dusong Township respectively, and had a deep communication with the cadres and the masses to exchange views on SWUFE’s assistance in 2019 and that in the future. MA Xiao extended his sincere congratulation to the great achievement that Jinchuan County has successfully got rid of the title of poor county. In accordance with the requirements of "finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects in 2020", we should then focus on how to move towards a higher level of sustainable development after Jinchuan County’s success. The present achievement does not contradict constant assistance. SWUFE will uphold its motto “To persistently strive for the benefit of people and society”, promote cooperation with Jinchuan County in the fields like cadre training and e-commerce development, and contribute to the consolidation of Jinchuan County’s gains from poverty alleviation. YIN Qingshuang advocated laying the next focus on subsequent development of County economy and rural revitalization after Jinchuan County getting rid of its old title, and further strengthening the cooperation based on assistance.




At the meeting, TIAN Changxin, Deputy Secretary of Jinchuan County Committee, WEI Jun, Minister of Organization Department of County Party Committee, LU Yongbo, Deputy Governor, responsible comrades of relevant administrative departments of Jinchuan County, and cadres of township and village gave a detailed introduction to the progress in poverty alleviation and the need for assistance. Subsequently, MA Xiao, Yin Qingshuang and the delegation went to investigate “E-commerce Incubation Base of SWUFE”, the industrial park of Jinchuan county, and visited the exhibition hall of high-quality agricultural and forestry products to see the development of e-commerce. Before the meeting, BIAN Sifa, Secretary of Jinchuan County, met with the delegation. They had a cordial and friendly discussion on poverty alleviation work and related issues in Jinchuan County.




In Ga Wuling Village,the delegation and the village cadres discussed the status and plan of industrial development after the poverty alleviation in Ga Wuling Village, inspected the development of the plantation industry in the field. They visited the farmers having been helped by SWUFE, learned about their income, schooling, medical treatment, and the care of the elders in detail, encouraged them to make persistent efforts for a better future, and sent them cooking oil, milk and other subsistence goods, as well as the warmth from SWUFE. Besides, the delegation also visited the cadre members of SWUFE, HUANG Ping and CHEN Changsong, who were stationed in Jinchuan County, to encourage them to work hard and make greater contributions to the development of Jinchuan County.