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The 1stChina Financial Security Forum Held in Beijing

On December 15th, the first China Financial Security Forum and the launch event of China Financial Security Report (2018), Global Systematic Risk Trend Report In 2018-2019,Assessment Report On International Politics and Financial Security, which was sponsored by SWUFE and Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and hosted by the Institute of Chinese Financial Studies of SWUFE, Financial Security Collaborative Innovation Center and Financial Security Innovation and Introducing Talents of Discipline Base of Financial Security and Development of SWUFE, was held in Beijing. With the theme of “China’s Financial Security From a Global Perspective”, the forum aimed to take a global perspective on the hot issues of China’s financial security and the overall state of financial security.




The main guests included ZHANG Yuyan, Director of IWEP,and Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, LV Jiajin, Governor and Deputy Secretary of Postal Savings Bank of China, WANG Yonghong, former Director ofTechnology Department of the People’s Bank of China and Secretary of the Party Committee of Rural Credit Bank Funds Clearing Center, DING Yifan, Member of World Development Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, WEI Jianing, former Vice-Minister of the Development Research Center of the State Council, HE Dexu, Dean of the National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS, JIANG Yong, Director of the Economic Security Research Center of the China Institutes  of Contemporary  International Relations, TANG Bin, Deputy Director of the Financial Information Center of the People’s Bank of China, CHEN Jie, Office of Senior Adviser of the People’s Bank of China. Other nearly 100 guests were from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, National Internet Finance Association of China,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University, Bank of China, the Xinhua News Agency, and People’s Daily, etc. ZHUO Zhi, President of SWUFEYANG Dan and YIN Qingshuang, Standing Committee Members and Vice Presidents, along with the teachers and students from Institute of Chinese Financial Studies of SWUFE participated in the forum.




In his speech, ZHUO Zhi reviewed the development history and presented the main achievements of SWUFE in the field of financial discipline construction in recent years, and introduced the background of this forum. ZHANG Yuyan introduced the basic situation of Annual Report On International Politics and Financial Security In 2018, and emphasized the significance of understanding financial security from a political viewpoint. YANG Dan pointed out that network security is an important part of financial security risks, and financial security issues should be observed from a global perspective. YIN Qingshuang introduced the operation of the Financial Security Collaborative Innovation Center and the basic situation of the three reports.




       WANG Qing, Director of Institute of Chinese Financial Studies, released China Financial Security Report 2018, and FANG Ming, Director of Global Strategic Laboratory, released Global Systematic Risk TrendReport In 2018-2019. FENG Weijiang, Director of National Security of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, released the ReportOn International Security of Politics and Financial Security (2018).




At the forum, the guests estimated and analyzed the overall situation of China’s financial security, and elaborated on the possible challenges and countermeasures of China’s financial security from the perspectives of politics, financial information, financial science andtechnology, network security and financial openness.




This forum, being held against the background of the intertwined influence of various factors at home and abroad and the complex and changeable situation of China’s current financial security, provided a good opportunity for financial supervision departments, financial institutions and academia to fully understand and grasp China’s current financial security situation and look forward to the future financial security. It strives to become an important platform for comprehensive analysis of China’s financial security situation, effective communication of financial security issues, and full discussion of financial security policies.