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Expert Consultation Conference on Development Strategy for 14th Five-Year Plan Held in SWUFE

From September 23rd to 24th, the expert consultation conference on development strategy for the “14th five-year” plan, sponsored by Ministry of Management Science of National Natural Science Foundation of China and undertaken by SWUFE and Tianjin University, was held in Guanghua Campus of SWUFE. Leaders in Ministry of Management Science of National Natural Science Foundation of China and more than 30 leading Chinese scholars in the field of business administration were invited to the conference. The conference was presided over by KOU Gang, Executive Dean of School of Business Administration, SWUFE.

The meeting opened on the morning of the 23rd. ZHUO Zhi, President of SWUFE and Vice Chairman of the University Council, delivered a speech first. On behalf of SWUFE, he expressed the most sincere welcome to the leaders and experts attending the conference. ZHUO Zhi introduced the history and development of SWUFE in detail. He pointed out that the development of SWUFE has been closely following the pulse of the times, never forgetting the original intention, taking root in China and integrating into the world. After the 13th Party Congress, SWUFE has made her mission and responsibility clearer. It hopes to be a main leader of higher financial and economic education in the future continuously, exert her own advantages and make greater progress. ZHUO Zhi wished this consultation conference would be held successfully, and all experts to work cheerfully during the conference in Chengdu.

WU Qidi, Director of Ministry of Management Science of National Natural Science Foundation of China as well as the former Vice Minister of Education Department, delivered a speech. First of all, she thanked SWUFE for providing a good arrangement for this conference. She said it was a great honor for her to come to SWUFE, a historic and cultural university. She pointed out that this consultation conference needs to focus on the 14th five-year plan, paying much attention to researches on “originality”, “frontier”, “demand” and “crossover”. She hoped that all the experts would provide their insights so that the 14th five-year plan could be better designed.

Afterwards, Prof. XIONG Xiong of Tianjin University introduced the background of this conference in detail, hoping that the experts present would actively discuss and put forward better and clearer ideas. Prof. ZHANG Wei of Tianjin University reviewed the first two rounds of experts’ speaking. Then he introduced the consultation.

During the invited speech session, Prof. YU Jianxing from Zhejiang University, Prof. MA Jie from Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics and Prof. FAN Jianqing from Fudan University gave the keynote speeches.

After the opening ceremony, the experts held five group discussions in accordance with the requirements of the conference. They had in-depth communication and exchanges on the major factors, research opportunities and scientific issues which will affect the change of management activities at present and in the next 5-10 years, the classification and cluster of major research problems and the condensing of overall research topics in management science under the background of the new era, the strategic goals which the community of management scientists will strive to achieve in the next 5-10 years, as well as the evaluation elements of the impact of academic research activities.

On the morning of the 24th, the conference ended successfully in the review summary. This conference gathered abundant wisdom of management science, explored the development direction of science frontier, brought inspiring and practical power source for the development of management science, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for promoting the implementation and quality assurance of discipline planning.