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The Completion Ceremony of 2019 Teachers' Training and Launching Ceremony of Teachers' Social Practice Held

On the afternoon of July 12th, SWUFE held the Completion Ceremony of 2019 Teachers' Training and the Launching Ceremony of Teachers' Social Practice named "Knowing and Experiencing the World" in the conference room 105, Hongyuan building, Liulin campus. ZHUO Zhi, President and Vice Chairman of the University Council, MA Xiao and ZENG Daorong, Vice Chairman of the University Council, SHI Daimin, member of the Standing Committee of University Council and Vice President , and more than 300 charges of relevant units and trainees of SWUFE attended the completion ceremony and the launching ceremony. ZHENG Mao, Head of the Organization and Personnel Department, presided over the ceremony.



On behalf of SWUFE and ZHAO Dewu, Chairman of the University Council, ZHUO Zhi congratulated the trainees who completed their studies and thanked all the staff who organized the training. He pointed out that in the new era, the higher financial education is undergoing rapid and profound changes. It is of great significance to explore and strengthen the training of teachers and to promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of teachers, for the implementation of the basic tasks of moral education as well as the construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics. It is an important measure for SWUFE to launch and implement the social practice plan of "Knowing and Experiencing the World", based on its own characteristics of humanities and social sciences, to support teachers’ in-depth understanding of the world, country, Party and society, to better fulfill the fundamental tasks of building morality and cultivating people, and to serve the country's major development strategy. He hoped that young teachers should closely integrate teaching and education, academic research and service to the country, and “write papers on the land of the motherland”, foster the dream of pursuing the first-class mission, strive to make progress, and make the future of SWUFE more beautiful and splendid!

SHI Daimin read out the decision of graduation and the recognition of model trainees. Leaders awarded the completion certificate and honorary certificate to the trainees' representatives, and gave flags to the teacher representatives who participated in the social practice. CHENG Shulei from the School of Public Administration, LV Xingyang from the School of Business Administration, and LIU Lijia from the Party Committee made speeches respectively on behalf of three groups of teachers participating in the training. The ceremony also reviewed the moving scenes and life of the trainees through video clips.



To strengthen the training of young teachers is an important measure for SWUFE to implement the decision-making of the 13th National Representative Conference of the Communist Party of China as well as to speed up the construction of high-quality and innovative teachers' team. In this training, leaders of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, together with ZHAO Dewu, ZHUO Zhi, MA Xiao, ZENG Daorong, YIN Qingshuang, SHI Daimin, LI Yongqiang and other leaders in SWUFE, and a group of experts from the academic and practical fields outside SWUFE made special reports or participated in discussions. The directors of the University Council Office, the Organization and Personnel Department, the Party Committee of Units, the Party Committee Inspection Office, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office, the Student Affairs Department, the Teacher Affairs Department, the Youth League Committee, the Student Career Planning Guidance Center, the Student Mental Health Education Center, the Scientific Research Institute, the Archives, the Teaching Development Center and other relevant units participated in the exchange and discussion of the corresponding links. Participating teachers also took part into the social practice held in Chengdu High Tech Zone and Tianfu New Area, and witnessed the vigorous and rapid development of national social and economic development. A total number of 295 teachers completed the required periods and passed the examination and were approved to complete the course. 31 teachers were rated as excellent trainees. SWUFE encourages and supports teachers to actively participate in social practice. In the summer of 2019, 14 teachers signed up to participate in the social practice activities named "knowing and experiencing the world".