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TIAN Guoli, Chairman of CCB Visited SWUFE

On the morning of July 16th, the Chairman of China Construction Bank (CCB) and the representatives visited SWUFE. LIN Zhaohui, Director of General Office of CCB, SUN Longcai, Vice General Manager of CCB Human Resources, LI Guo, Director of Chengdu Audit Division and Dean of the Southwestern School of CCB University, YANG Fenglai, President of CCB Sichuan Branch, ZHAO Dewu, Chairman of the University Council of SWUFE, ZHUO Zhi, Vice Chairman of the University Council, SHI Daimin, Vice President of SWUFE, together with  representatives from CCB Sichuan Branch and relevant functional departments of SWUFE attended the event.




ZHAO Dewu expressed his warm welcome to TIAN Guoli and other guests from CCB who were seeking further cooperation, and he thanked their concerns and support for SWUFE’s development. ZHAO said that SWUFE had been promoting world-class disciplines with Chinese characteristics by following the guidance of National Conference on Education. For a long time, CCB has been in stable and sincere partnership with SWUFE. In September of 2018, both sides founded the Southwestern School of CCB University (CCB School of SWUFE), entering a new chapter of deep cooperation. He hoped that both sides could further collaborate in talent training, interdisciplinary innovation and other fields by using their own advantages. This will be conducive to making CCB the internationally top banking group in value and creativity and SWUFE a high-level research university featuring in finance and economics worldwide.



ZHUO Zhi introduced situations in financial subjects, talent training, scientific researches and social service, and illustrated a promising future where both sides can collaborate in discovering the new pattern for financial education and the new path for modern finance. He hoped that SWUFE could promote closer practical partnership with CCB, and jointly build a win-win cooperation model with mutual benefits.
TIAN Guoli conveyed his thanks to SWUFE’s support on CCB’s work. He said that education is a country's everlasting plan. CCB has been steadfastly supporting the national education. Over the years, the cooperation between CCB and SWUFE has yielded great achievements. SWUFE was the first to respond to and support CCB University, creating a good learning environment and atmosphere for CCB staff. Since its establishment, Southwestern School of CCB University has held many training sessions, which meet the demand of, and contribute to the society. TIAN expressed his belief that with the joint efforts, CCB University will be better managed, the partnership between both sides will be a model for others so as to better serve the national education and the national economic and social construction.
TINA and other representatives visited the Southwestern School of CCB University (CCB School of SWUFE), and greeted the trainees there. (Publicity Department of the University Council)