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2019 China International Conference on Insurance and Risk Management (CICIRM 2019) Held in SWUFE.

The CICIRM 2019, jointly organized by School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM), the Cass Business School of London Metropolitan University, and Insurance School of SWUFE, was held in SWUFE successfully. This conference attracted more than 280 people ranging from experts, scholars, and professional elites from such universities as University of Texas at Austin and Tsinghua University. ZHUO Zhi, President and Vice Chairman of the University Council, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony which was presided by Prof. CHEN Bingzheng, who majors in Finance and is the Director of China Center of Insurance and Risk Management in Tsinghua SEM.
In his speech, ZHUO Zhi introduced the history of SWUFE, the advantages of the insurance discipline and major measures and achievements in building a world-class discipline with Chinese characteristics. Meanwhile, he expressed his gratitude to participants for organizing the annual conference and promoting China's risk management and insurance business. Prof. Michael R. Powers, Zurich Insurance Group Chair Professor of Finance Department in Tsinghua SEM, also gave a speech on behalf of the organizer.



On the first day, the invited speaker, Prof. Phelim P. Boyle from Wilfrid Laurier University, Prof. Zhuo Zhi from SWUFE, Chief Economist Prof. Richard D. MacMinn from the International Longevity Risk Management Research Center of SWUFE, and Prof. Mary Hardy from the University of Waterloo made their keynote speeches respectively. And 12 reports were presented by distinguished experts and scholars at home and abroad from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Wells Fargo, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
On the second day, over 220 representatives from 9 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Switzerland, Norway, and China participated in 34 parallel oral sessions. The topics covered many fields such as Actuarial Science, Insurance Economics, Risk Management, Property and Liability Insurance, Development and Regulation of Insurance Market, Behavioral Insurance, Pension and Social Security, Life and Health Insurance.



On the third day of the industry forum, senior executives from companies of life and health insurance such as YE Peizhi, deputy general manager of CPIC Allianz Health Insurance Co., Ltd., LI Ping, president of Founder Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd., WU Liping, vice president of PICC Health Insurance Co., Ltd., LIN Hongxiang, co-founder and CEO of Datebao Insurance, delivered keynote speeches respectively. The organizer also invited ZHOU Hu, Secretary General of the Sichuan Insurance Industry Association, and more than 60 directors who’re in charge of provincial insurance companies and institutions to exchange and share the concepts, values and practical experiences of “Health China” by means of a round-table forum and discussed opportunities and challenges generated by Commercial Health Insurance for the development of the insurance industry.
China International Conference on Insurance and Risk Management is an international annual conference in the domestic field of insurance and risk management, and it’s also the second international academic event in the area of risk management and insurance hosted by SWUFE after the 20th Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association 2016 Annual Conference (APRIA). This conference enhanced the exchanges between SWUFErs and excellent scholars at home and abroad, and further presented the outcome and outlook in insurance discipline construction of SWUFE. (School of Insurance)