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President Kulai Turdi of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics Visited SWUFE

On July 22nd, Kulai Turdi, Vice Chairman of the University council and President of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics, visited SWUFE with his office. ZHAO Dewu, Chairman of the University Council, extended warm welcome to the guests. ZHUO Zhi, Vice Chairman of the University Council and President of SWUFE, ZHANG Bangfu, Standing Committee Member and Vice President of SWUFE, together with the directors of School of Finance and School of Business Administration, participated the meeting with the guests in the Room 510 of Tengxiang Building.



During the meeting, ZHUO Zhi expressed his sincere welcome to Kulai Turdi’s arrival, introduced the history of SWUFE, the current development and the strategic planning for future. He pointed out that now SWUFE is in a critical period of reinforcing its “Double First-class” construction, leading the progression of “New Finance & Economics” and constructing a world-famous high level research university featured with Finance & Economics characteristics. As Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics and SWUFE have well-established basis for cooperation, they were hoping more cooperation about teacher training, talent introduction, academic exchanges and exclusive construction to be launched in this new era.
Kulai Turdi expressed his gratitude for SWUFE’s warm reception and briefed on the development of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics. He also introduced the achievements in construction of disciplines and teaching staff. Since two universities signed the cooperation agreement in 2012, SWUFE has been supporting Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics in disciplines construction and academic research, which has established firm friendship in between. Kulai Turdi appreciated the lasting help and support from SWUFE, hoping that more support will be provided in teacher training, research cooperation and expert assistance, as well as further communication and cooperation.
At the meeting, the two sides held in-depth exchanges and discussions on the direction and mode of future cooperation. (Publicity Department of the University Council)