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SWUFE Leaders Checked Logistics Summer Work and Greet Staff

On the morning of August 2nd, SHI Daimin, the Vice President of SWUFE, inspected the logistics work in Liulin Campus during the summer vacation and visited the logistics staff who persisted in their work during the vacation. All members of the leading group of the Logistics Service Company and the directors of relevant departments accompanied him in the inspection.

SHI Daimin went to the construction sites of student canteen gas pipeline renovation, graduate dormitory maintenance in student apartment, SWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science office renovation, school cooking skills labor education base renovation, and he inquired in detail about the preparatory work of the special project of improving basic school operation conditions in universities in 2020. He visited the study and living places of students such as Tongbo Building, student canteen and other places in summer vacation, and chatted with students about the use of the study room reservation system and the study and life staying at school during the vacation. SHI Daimin pointed out that in every summer vacation, the logistics work was heavy, with tight schedule and great pressure, and the cadres and staff of the Logistics Department worked very hard. On behalf of the school, he expressed his thanks to all the logistics cadres and staff who worked hard in the summer, and hoped that they could continue to carry forward the spirit of fearlessness of hardship and heat, work earnestly, and insist safety management throughout the whole process of summer work, make high-quality and excellent projects to provide solid logistical support for the smooth development of the university’s work in the new semester.

After the inspection, members of the logistics leading group and the directors of relevant departments immediately convene a special working meeting to arrange and deploy the renovation project, summer logistics support, special project construction, etc., according to the work requirements of SHI Daimin. (Logistics Service Company)