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The Fintech Forum of SWUFE

On the afternoon of May 21, the first "The Fintech Forum of SWUFE" organized by the Financial Innovation Center of SWUFE was successfully held. The forum invited Professor Huang Yiping, deputy director of National Development Institute of Peking University, Director of Digital Finance Research Center of Peking University and former member of Monetary Policy Committee of People's Bank of China. Prof. Huang Yiping gave a speech on "Digital Loan". The speech attracted more than two hundred people both from the academia and industry, and the lecture hall of Hongyuan Building was full of audience. Prof. Peng Long, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SWUFE, delivered an opening remarks to the audience.

In the speech, Prof. Peng Long pointed out that the forum was designed to gather high-end resources and high-level experts, inject new vitality into the integration upgrading and transformation of production, education and research, and provide wisdom of SWUFE to the new economic era for the future development of fintech. As fintech is a new highlight in China's future science and technology development, Peng hoped SWUFE could contribute to cultivating outstanding talents in the field of finance and economics with a sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and international perspective.

In this lecture, Prof. Huang Yiping made a systematic and comprehensive analysis on the issue of digital loans, focusing on the four business models of financial opening-up, and elaborated the source, main borrowers, key technologies, risk control and development status of digital loans. This lecture profoundly clarified the impact of digital loan on macro economy and finance, and objectively predicted the future development of digital loans.

After the Forum, the participants expressed that they benefited a lot and had a more clear, thorough and comprehensive understanding of the key and difficult issues and future development trends of digital economy and digital finance.

As the host of the Forum, the SWUFE Financial Innovation Center is an open and grid-like resource gathering platform built by Chengdu Municipal People's Government and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. It is an innovative platform for the development of fintech solutions and services in the financial sector through close cooperation with the industry and public relations for major projects.

"The Fintech Forum of SWUFE" would continue to invite well-known industrial experts and scholars, financial institutions management, executives of fin-tech firms and other key figures, to share their insights into the analysis of the market, cases of traditional sectors empowered by fin-tech, and new models of fin-tech. It would help to improve the cognition to the development of fin-tech sector, discuss the industry hotspot issues and cultivate talents in the fintech industry. In addition, the platform is also conducive to strengthening exchanges and cooperation between academia and the industry and serving the national financial strategic development.