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SWUFE’s Three Discipline Ranked in the Top 1% by Clarivate Analytics

On the evening of July 8, Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) released the statistics of ESI from January 1, 2011, to April 30, 2021. ESI is published every two months, adding two months' data on the basis of the last data, but the data of the oldest year will be removed in May every year.

China mainland has published 3.36 million articles, 90 thousand more than the previous period. It was cited 43.32 million times, 2.27 million times more than the previous period. The number of articles and citations ranked second in the world.

Southwestern University of Economics and Finance has three disciplines ranked in the top 1% of the world, including Economics and Business, General Social Sciences and Engineering.

ESI collects papers and cited data published by SCIE and SSCI in more than 12000 academic journals in recent ten years, ESI index is used to evaluate the scientific research level of a University (or institution), and even to predict the Nobel Prize winners by the highly cited authors of ESI.