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SWUFE Held 2021 International Symposium on Financial Innovation 2021

Recently, the 2021 International Symposium on Financial Innovation, organized by the Editorial Department of the Journal of Financial Innovation of SWUFE and co-organized by Jiaozi Fintech Innovation Institute of SWUFE in Chengdu, was successfully held. Experts and scholars from Texas Tech University, London Business School, City University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and other first-class universities at home and abroad gathered together to discuss the development of blockchain and Fintech against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The symposium was divided into two parts: online and offline. In the offline activities held on June 3rd, Zhuo Zhi, president of SWUFE, said in his speech that the International Symposium on Financial Innovation is a high-end academic forum held on the basis of the Journal of Financial Innovation. Against the background of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and big data science, it is timely for this symposium to focus on blockchain, financial technology and other topics. He hoped this symposium will generate more sparks of wisdom and inspired the innovation and development of global Fintech which will help the practical development needs of industry, government, research and application.

In his key-note speech, Professor Xu Wei from Renmin University of China introduced the change of financing methods from crowdfunding to ICO under the background of the rapid development of Fintech. Lin Zhangxi, a tenured professor at Texas Tech University, took "Blockchain in the Digital Carbon Economy" as the core topic, and expounded the macro-financial innovation path from the next opportunity of financial innovation, the strategy of legitimate and effective sharing of big data, and how blockchain plays its role in the carbon economy. Hu Daning, associate professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, analyzed the future development and research direction of decentralized finance from two aspects: the core component of decentralized financial ecology, research opportunities and challenges.

At the roundtable forum held in the afternoon, some experts and scholars in the field of finance and outstanding entrepreneurs in the industry had an in-depth discussion on the current frontier of fintech as well as the opportunities and challenges in the future development around fintech related topics.

On June 2nd, an online exchange was held. Professor Feng Juan from Tsinghua University, Professor Wang Huaiqing, honorary professor from City University of Hong Kong, and Associate Professor Yang Song from London Business School delivered keynote speeches titled "Bblockchain and Data Governance", "Financial Services Intelligence", and "Platform Tokenization: Finance, Governance and Moral Risk" respectively.