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The China World Economic Association International Finance Forum (2021) was held in our school

Recently, the International Finance Forum (2021), organized by China Society of World Economics and SWUFE, was held on Guanghua campus. The theme of the conference is "Opportunities and Challenges of International Financial Market Volatility and China's Expanding Two-way Financial Opening-up under the Changing Situation". More than 100 experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University, Xiamen University, Jilin University, Sichuan University, Chongqing University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and other institutions attended the conference.

Yin Qingshuang, vice-president of SWUFE, welcomed the experts and scholars attending the forum and thanked the academic peers for their long-term care and support to SWUFE. He said that SWUFE will continue to strengthen the strategic leading role of disciplinary development, and strive for the goal of "becoming a world-class university and a global academic center". Yao Zhizong, vice president of China Society of World Economics, thanked SWUFE for its contribution to the forum, and made an in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by the international financial market, including digital currency, international settlement trading system, international investment and financing. Mr. Yi Minli, dean of the School of Economics, on behalf of the organizers of the Forum, thanked China Society of World Economics, other universities and research institutions for their strong support to the Forum.

After the opening ceremony, Zhang Liqing delivered a speech on the theme of "the evolution trend of the international reserve currency system and the internationalization of RMB". Chen Weidong delivered a keynote speech titled "Looking at the Changes in the International Financial Market from the Development of the Global Banking Industry". Liu Dongmin, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, delivered a keynote report on "Digital Currency, Asian Financial Cooperation and the Reform of the International Monetary System". Xu Qiyuan, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, focused on the "Debt Problem of Developing Countries: What to Do?". Professor Ding Jianping from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics delivered a keynote speech on "Theoretical and Practical Issues in RMB Internationalization". Professor Li Xuelian of SWUFE delivered a keynote speech entitled "Debt Currency Mismatching, Net Value Effect and Optimal Foreign Exchange Intervention".

In the afternoon, scholars carried on academic discussion on six sub-forums, namely " Construction of green financial system under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative " "International financial market volatility and financial risk prevention " “Digital currency and the reform of the international monetary system” "The Transformation and Upgrading of the Financial System under the Background of Dual Circulation", "The Normalization of the Epidemic and the New Pattern of the Global Economy and Finance", "Opportunities and Challenges for China to Expand the High-level Two-way Opening-up of the Financial System".

The round table session came after the sub-forums, with the theme of "the great change of international financial market volatility and two-way open China to expand financial opportunities and challenges". Participants delivered brilliant and original insights on the ongoing great change in the financial sector, the new pattern of RMB internationalization and the interaction between the international financial market and the domestic financial market.

During the meeting, representatives from 7 academic journals including World Economy had in-depth exchanges and heated discussions with participants on topics such as the development process of their journals, positioning and topic selection of their journals, review process of papers, problems to be avoided in papers and so on.

The successful convening of the forum has injected new vitality into the international financial field research under the great changes, and will continue to promote the development of China's international financial research, contributing to the deepening of the reform of the financial system and the wider opening of the financial industry.