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Orientation Held for Class 2021 SWUFE-Baruch Joint Accounting (Sino-Foreign Cooperation) Program Freshmen


On September 14th, the orientation for the freshmen of the joint accounting (Sino-foreign education) program by SWUFE and Baruch College of City University of New York was held in Conference Room 101 of Hongyuan Building at SWUFE.  Director Xie Hong from SWUFE Student Affairs Department, Director Liang Ting from Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Deputy Director Liao Chunhua from Academic Affairs Office, Secretary Liu Xiaobin from School of Accounting Party Committee, Associate Dean Tan Hongtao and Deputy Secretary Zhang Taifu from School of Accounting attended the event and delivered speeches respectively.  Professor David Wu, President of Baruch College, Professor Fenwick Huss, Dean of Jacklin School of Business, and Professor Kannan Mohan, Associate Dean, warmly welcomed the freshmen to join the program via video message.  


At the beginning of the meeting, Liu Xiaobin, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Accounting, congratulated and welcomed all the new students on behalf of School of Accounting. He introduced the history of SWUFE-Baruch Joint Accounting (Sino-foreign cooperative education) Program, and conveyed the vision to build the most influential Accounting School in China.  After that, Secretary Liu showed the remarkable achievements of the program over the past few years, citing specific numbers. Against the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic, he encouraged the freshmen to stay healthy both physically and mentally, seize the opportunities to make a difference, and shoulder the glorious mission of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.  


Later, Xie Hong, Director of Student Affairs Department, Liang Ting, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and Liao Chunhua, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Department delivered speeches consecutively, guiding students to pay enough attention to the courses offered by the school, devote themselves to learning and experience the charm of accounting.  At the same time, they mentioned that college students should make a sound plan for college life as soon as possible, make full use of the high-quality teaching resources and social practice resources of SWUFE, broaden their horizon, enrich their experience, and spend a fruitful four years in the university.  


In the second half of the conference, Professor David Wu, President of Baruch College, Professor Fenwick Huss, Dean of Jacklin Business School and Professor Kannan Mohan, the Associate Dean, delivered a speech via video link to welcome the freshmen.  Meanwhile, they sincerely hope that students can go to the United States to experience the learning atmosphere of Baruch College in the last year of the program.  


Subsequently, Tan Hongtao, Associate Dean of the School of Accounting, Zhang Taifu, Deputy Secretary, gave speeches to remind the new freshmen not to be confused by the diverse university life or lower requirements on their own, instead, they should focus on learning and grasp the opportunities to live a colorful and meaningful university life.  Finally, the program staff members introduced the general information of the program, such as curriculums and scholarship opportunities.  At this orientation, academic counsellors and psychological counsellors were invited to meet and talk with the freshmen, providing them with all-round guidance on their studies, mental health and overseas study.  


(Source: School of Accounting)