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Paper by Associate Prof. Wang Ruiting Published in a Top Journal on Economic Behavior and Organization


In August 2021, the paper Anti-corruption, safety compliance and coal mine deaths: Evidence from China, co-authored by associate professor Wang Ruiting of School of Public Finance and Taxation of SWUFE, assistant professor Xu Gang of School of Economics of Nankai University and others, was published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, a top publication in its field.

In this paper the authors evaluated the positive impact brought by China’s overwhelming success against corruption on China’s production safety. They had, by theoretical analyses and empirical tests, pointed out an overt decrease in coal mining accidents after the anti-corruption campaign. And with further analyses, the following mechanism was identified: the campaign against corruption and collusion cuts safety violations of coal mining industry, investing more in fixed assets and work safety.


Wang Ruiting currently works as an associate professor and postgraduate supervisor in School of Public Finance and Taxation, SWUFE. He obtained his PhD. in economics from School of Economics of Kyoto University, Japan in 2021. His main research interests include fiscal policies and economic growth, social security and family behavior, bunching theory, etc. And his papers could be found in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Economic Modelling, and other journals.



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