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Consul General of the Israeli Consulate in Chengdu visited SWUFE

On May 17, Gadi Harpaz, the consul general of the Israeli consulate in Chengdu, and Qiu Shuang, the executive chairman of the Chinese Alumni Association of Israeli Universities, paid a visit to SWUFE. Zhuo Zhi, president of SWUFE, met with the guests in the VIP hall of Tengxiang Building.

Zhuo Zhi extended a warm welcome to Gadi Harpaz and his delegation on behalf of SWUFE. During the meeting, Zhuo Zhi introduced that SWUFE is a national “double first-class” university with a 97-year history and has been rooted in Chengdu for 85 years. It has formed an interdisciplinary pattern of economics, management, law, science, and engineering, featuring economics and management. In recent years, in the context of the new pattern of opening-up and development in China, SWUFE has vigorously implemented the in-depth opening strategy and promoted the opening of high-level education to the outside world for win-win cooperation. Zhuo Zhi pointed out that SWUFE has maintained a friendly relationship with the Israeli Consulate General in Chengdu, and has signed agreements with several Israeli universities and collaborated with those institutions in areas like faculty exchange, student exchange and project cooperation. Zhuo Zhi pointed out that the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel and the second round of "Double First-Class" construction of SWUFE calls for a "New Finance" strategic cooperation with Israeli universities, research institutions, and high-tech enterprises in higher education, digital economy, fintech, and other fields. Joint efforts shall be made to promote academic and cultural exchanges and create a better future.

Gadi Harpaz expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and mentioned that he was privileged to visit SWUFE on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. Gadi Harpaz pointed out that Israel and China share many similar histories and cultures, and the cooperation between the two sides has great potential to exploit. Gadi Harpaz hoped to continue to promote the all-round cooperation between China and Israel in the economy, trade, education, and culture during his term of office and was willing to pave the way for the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between SWUFE and Israeli universities and scientific research institutions to facilitate common development.

After the meeting, the Consul General and his delegation visited the Monetary and Finance Museum of SWUFE and SWUFE Financial Innovation Center.



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