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A Fitness Run to Celebrate SWUFE’s 97th Anniversary

With the upcoming 97th anniversary of the founding of SWUFE, SWUFE hosted the "Fitness Run" on Liulin Campus on the morning of June 1st to display the healthy spirit of teachers and students and enrich the cultural and sports life of the campus. SWUFE leaders including Zhao Dewu, Zhuo Zhi, Ma Xiao, Zeng Daorong, Fan Weihong, Zhang Bangfu, Li Yongqiang, all middle-level administrators, faculty members, alumni representatives, and student representatives participated in the fitness run.


At 9:20 a.m., as party secretary Zhao Dewu pulled the trigger of the starter pistol, the fitness run officially kicked off. Wearing colorful sports jerseys with SWUFE emblem, the teachers and students started in front of the Tengxiang Administrative Building. The vast and vigorous team shuttled around the campus like a long dragon, forming a colorful scene. Accompanied by loud slogans, the students and teachers went along the Entrepreneurship Avenue, passing through Zhaohui Sports Filed, Guanghua University Archway, and Jimin Square, and finally returned to Tengxiang Building and finished the whole race smoothly. The 1.5-kilometer race is the manifestation of SWUFE’s 97 years spirit of tireless struggle and contribution to the country. All the teachers and students will work harder toward a better future for SWUFE.


All along, the Fitness Run, as a traditional event of SWUFE, has contributed to a rich sports vibe on campus and is an integral part of incorporating sports culture into campus culture. Entering the new stage of development, SWUFE leadership has comprehensively stepped up the physical education of the university, firmly established the concept of “Health comes first”, continued to deepen the reform of “1+3 physical education and teaching mode”, committed to training students with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics and labor, cultivated outstanding business talents with a sense of social responsibility, a spirit of innovation and an international perspective.



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