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SWUFE Students Performed on the Stage of the FISU World University Games

On the stage, folk music, martial arts, rap, and street dance appeared; The audience applauded warmly. Recently, the gala of the World University students with the theme of "The Promise of Youth" was brilliantly staged in the Athletes' Village of Chengdu FISU Games. University athletes from all over the world gathered together to experience the charm of Chinese culture.

The performance was presented jointly by 365 students from 9 universities in Sichuan province, including the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. It included various forms of arts such as opera and dance, folk music, ballet, and youthful song and dance performances to carry out the exchange and dialogue between tradition and modern, East and West, creating an atmosphere of joy, friendship, and enthusiasm to pursue dreams, and presenting a unique audio-visual feast to the audience.

"To the beginning of the light, soaring through wind and rain. A smile is brighter than sunshine, and youth is powerful" After more than a month of intense rehearsal, Guanghua Choir, the student art troupe of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, sang "To the Pinnacle of Brilliance" with full enthusiasm and good style. The moving melody is a warm invitation issued by the young people of Chengdu, represented by numerous SWUFE students, to the young college students worldwide - enjoy a youth event and run to the pinnacle of brilliance together.



After receiving the performance task, the members of the ATM dance group of the SWUFE's student art troupe made full use of their spare time to train their basic skills and arrange the repertoire. "Chasing Light" was a dazzling dance show for which they made complete preparation, then gave them all out on stage. The dancers, holding light devices, move in the alternating light and dark, integrating technique and artistry and displaying the confident, dynamic, and international vibes of college students in the new era with genuine feelings.

"We weather the storm together; we pursue together; we cherish the same love." To the melody of "Fill the World with Love", the audience and actors on stage sang in unison, with enthusiasm and applause. One by one, the seeds of friendship were planted in the hearts of the young university students from all countries and regions at the gala. They have bloomed and borne fruit in all corners of the world and have gathered together to form a mighty youthful force for building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Long devoted to aesthetic education, SWUFE has insisted on integrating guidance, performance, festival, drama, and competition, vigorously nurturing teachers’ and students' aesthetic quality and cultivating elegant sentiment. At the gala of the FISU Games, SWUFE students’ performances were well received, which is a concrete demonstration of the university's aesthetic education achievements. The participating teachers and students said that it was an unforgettable experience to prepare for, participate in and serve the FISU Games in the past two months. In doing so, they presented the Chinese story to the world, exhibited a high level of national and cultural confidence, and forged friendships with young and international college students, fully displaying the exemplary character of SWUFE students in the new era.



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