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Excellent Volunteer Service Provided by SWUFE Students at the FISU World University Games

The 31st Chengdu World University Games has come to a successful conclusion. From July 29th to August 7th, the volleyball games were fabulous and exciting, which was still fresh in our memories.


On August 6th and 7th, after intense competition, the Chinese university women's volleyball team won the championship, and the men's volleyball team won the bronze medal. During the games, young volunteers can be seen everywhere. More than 200 volunteers from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, as an essential component of the volunteers, served in different working groups of Guanghua Volleyball Gymnasium of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Sichuan Transportation Vocational College Volleyball Stadium. With the sound SWUFE character of "being generous, wise, and loving to the world", they were active on and off the field and served in their respective positions, fully displaying the vitality of SWUFE youth on the stage of the FISU Games.


Competition Group

The competition group was mainly responsible for assisting sports exhibitions and performances, assisting event technical operation specialists in confirming materials, and providing athletes with competition-related information and other services.

"Treat people with sincerity and do things conscientiously." SWUFE volunteers in the competition group strove to practice the spirit of voluntary service, fulfilled their job responsibilities, did an excellent job with a sincere service attitude, and contributed to the smooth operation of the FISU Games.


Publicity and Broadcast Group/Press Group

The main tasks of the publicity and broadcast group/press group were to provide media services, assist media operations, create a good working environment for media workers, and help them complete their work better.

Adhering to the service concept of "the media is our guest", the publicity and broadcast group/press group provided thoughtful services for media reporters within their capabilities. Volunteers used their spare time to memorize relevant service information and assisted media reporters with better conditions and more skilled service.

Transportation Group

The transportation group is mainly responsible for assisting in managing vehicles, statistics and submitting relevant information, etc.

Regardless of the scorching sun or heavy rain, the transportation team volunteers would stick to their posts to guide and record traffic flow, serve the drivers and passengers, and cooperate with the event staff to dispatch traffic around the venue. Since the training session, they had worked hard to learn traffic guiding gestures and familiarize themselves with the traffic movement in the venue; since the start of the competition, they had guided the parking of various vehicles in an orderly manner, demonstrating the good professional capabilities and comprehensive quality of the volunteers of SWUFE.

Security Group

The security group was mainly responsible for providing language assistance to the athletes at the security checkpoint, assisting the security staff to work smoothly, maintaining the order of the venue, and providing security for all personnel.

SWUFE volunteers ensured the efficient entry of more than a thousand spectators and contestants at the security checkpoint. Volunteers in the security room always paid attention to the real-time broadcast of more than 20 cameras in the venue. In case of an emergency, volunteers would promptly assist and cooperate with police officers to provide adequate security.


Spectators Group

The spectators group is mainly responsible for guiding the spectators and providing comprehensive information consultation for the spectators to ensure a good game experience for them.

"Spectators service could best demonstrate the spirit of volunteers." Volunteers in the spectators group maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude at all times to provide high-quality and efficient services to the spectators.


Protocol Group

The protocol team was mainly responsible for maintaining the order of the VIP area, providing ushering and translation for the guests and providing reception services for important guests from home and abroad.

The teachers and students in the protocol team were patient and enthusiastic. They warmly welcomed and greeted friends worldwide with warm smiles and were committed to providing them a home-like game experience.


Operation Group

The operation group was mainly responsible for coordinating the competition, operation, service, and other work.

From pasting emergency access signs to being on duty in conference rooms, from handling office documents to dispatching competition services, the SWUFE volunteers in the operation team pursued excellence and strove for perfection in all aspects.


Volunteer Group

The volunteer group focused on volunteers and was committed to serving students, maintaining the Volunteers' Home, and assisting in managing the venue.

If volunteers were the "logistics soldiers" for athletes and spectators, then the students in the volunteer group were the "logistics soldiers" for volunteers. They were dedicated to providing the best service for volunteers and embraced the service work of the event with full enthusiasm.

In the Chengdu FISU Games, about 20,000 college students from 36 universities formed a volunteer team to show the best of Chengdu and themselves to the world under the nickname "Little Green Pepper". As the backbone force, the "little green peppers" of SWUFE started working in the early mornings and returned home late at night. They always possessed a positive attitude and provided sound services, writing a chapter on youth and showing the world the characters of SWUFE students and the vigor and vitality of Chinese youth in the new era.


The volunteers of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics would bid farewell to the nickname "little green pepper" and return to their regular life. However, their experience during this special event was destined to shine dazzling lights on the long journey of their lives.




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