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SWUFE Held a Grand Opening Ceremony for the Cohort of 2023


On September 9, SWUFE held a grand opening ceremony for the cohort of 2023. More than 7,600 students from China and all over the world gathered in Liulin Campus for the solemn ceremony, full of beautiful expectations. They listened to the speeches, raised their sails of youth, and started to make great strides in pursuing their dreams in the great era.

Zhao Dewu (Chairman of the university council), Li Yongqiang (President), Sun Dianming (Vice Chairman of the university council), Yin Qingshuang (Vice President), Shi Daimin, Gui Fuqiang, Li Zhisheng, representatives of departmental heads of colleges (research institutes) and functional offices, teachers, alumni, and parents, witnessed the solemn and sacred moment together.



It began with a solemn flag-raising ceremony.


Zhao Dewu presided over the Ceremony and fondly looked back at SWUFE’s struggle history of “Sincerely serving the country by running schools," "Benefiting the people through diligent and tireless work," and “Educating talents for the country” in the past 98 glorious years. He pointed out that SWUFE made a significant deployment to comprehensively promote the upgrading of the “New Finance” strategy centering around the significant issue of the era, “Building a leading country in education, what should SWUFE do?”, and to better shoulder the responsibility of SWUFE for building a leading country in education. He stressed that Chinese youth in the new era were born in a prosperous era and took up heavy responsibility. Those in the Class of 2023 would soon be the beneficiaries, participants, and promoters of “New Finance” and should aspire to study and pursue excellence and lay a solid foundation for a wonderful life. He sincerely hoped that the students of SWUFE would stand firm in support of their ideals and beliefs, become “aspiring” youth throughout the study in SWUFE, get excellent skills to be “knowledgeable” youth in pursuit of youth dreams, have a good command of world cutting-edge technologies and primary strategic needs of the country; be quick to learn, diligent in learning, and brave in practice; learn the methods of thinking; lay a solid foundation of disciplines; master core technologies; actively participate in the fiery practice of Chinese modernization; enrich the proper knowledge; expand the horizon; and have the courage to blaze new trails. Zhao Dewu wished all the new students in the cohort of 2023 to get moral cultivation, knowledge, and horizon enriched and expended, spirit of struggle cultivated, comprehensive quality improved, great aspirations developed, and moral excellence carried forward, to become great talents and take up great responsibilities, and to write the most beautiful chapter of youth from SWUFE in the new era with practical actions in the great cause of building a strong country and national rejuvenation.


Li Yongqiang gave a speech entitled “Learning New Finance, Building the Dream of a Strong Country Together”, extended a warm welcome to the new students from all over the world, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to their family members and teachers who worked hard to cultivate them. He pointed out that in the past 98 years, generations of staff in SWUFE had been very responsible, making unremitting efforts, and written a vivid footnote for the spirit of SWUFE, “Benefiting the people through diligent and tireless work,” in various historical periods, they are the spiritual wealth of SWUFE and the source of power passed down for the prosperous Finance and Economics in the new era. He hoped that the new students in the Class of 2023 would have a clear sense of virtue & ambition and more profound love for the country and its people while fulfilling their responsibilities; respond to the call of the era; become fighters and persons with noble aspirations; behave in good manners; act with great wisdom and love for the world; consciously regard serving the Chinese modernization and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as the highest ambition; strive to be outstanding talents in the financial field; make the vigorous youth resonate with the feelings of the family and the country to add the power of youth to the realization of Chinese Dream; aspire after truth via studying hard; reshape the knowledge system in the cross-integration; explore the “knowledge” with the attitude of “being studious and inquisitive” and a book that is shut is but a block; broaden horizon in independent reading; gather wisdom in the cross-integration; accumulate the endogenous potential for future development; know knowledge and action should go hand in hand via becoming brave pioneers, reading extensively, seeing the world uniquely, promoting action by expertise, and seeking knowledge in actions; practice on the spot with theoretical knowledge; study the real problem and really look into the issue; be brave trailblazers. Li Yongqiang affectionately encouraged the new students by saying that born in a prosperous era and at the right time, they should live up to the era and struggle at the time, inherit the spirit of SWUFE, "Benefiting the people through diligent and tireless work"; learn the “New Finance” with the power of youth and the creation of child; pursue dreams in the new era, and realize dreams on the new journey.


He Yuanmao, an alumni representative, the Honorary President of SWUFE Shaanxi Alumni Association, and a professor in Xi’an Campus of the former College of Political Science of National Defense University, fondly looked back on his growth in SWUFE and wished those in the Class of 2023 to seize the golden age of life development, study hard, make more outstanding contribution with youth, and live their wonderful life via struggle.


The freshman representatives recited with affection and vowed to affirm their aspirations, carry forward the spirit of “Benefiting the people through diligent and tireless work," inherit the motto of “Being rigorous, diligent, realistic, and pioneering," temper the character of “Behaving in good manners and acting with great wisdom and love for the world,” and strive to be persons capable of taking up the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation.




During the Ceremony, SWUFE leaders wore the school badge for the new student representatives, and all the new students wore the school badge and took a solemn oath. “Southwestern University of Finance and Economics” was shining keenly, the university spirit was deeply engraved in the heart, and the sonorous youth oath reverberated for a long time...


“Assume the responsibility of benefiting the people, diligently seek to revitalize the country...” The Ceremony ended successfully with the chorus of all teachers and students singing the “Anthem of SWUFE.”



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