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Public Lecture: The Commercial Value of Amateurism: An Examination of the Procompetitive Presumption by Measuring Consumer Interest in NCAA Football

Lecturer: Associate Professor Thomas. A Baker III, The University of Georgia

Host: Associate Professor LIU Xindan, School of Physical Education

Time: 15:45-18:45 Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

Venue: 307 Room, Tongbo Building, Liulin Campus, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Organizer: School of Physical Education and Office of Research Affairs

Introduction to the speaker:

Thomas A. Baker III serves as a professor and Ph.D. tutor of College of Human Sciences at University of Georgia. He got a Ph.D. in Sports Management at University of Florida and a Ph.D. in Law School of Loyola University New Orleans, and is the editor-in-chief of Sports and Law. His main research area is the application of law in sports, and he focuses on how commercial law affects the sports market, such as legal issues in the management and marketing of business image under the influence of the media. At the same time, he studies the prevention of sexual violence, especially violence against children. He has published two books as the first and second author, four chapters, and 37 academic papers so far.

Content summary:

1 Framing the Study

2 The Procompetitive Presumption

3 Evidence of Consumer Interest in Amateurism

4 Purpose Statement

5 Data and Variables

6 Methodology

7 Results

8 Implications

9 Conclusion