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Academic Lecture: The Power of Rituals

SpeakerProf. Bradd Shore, Emory University

Time      20:00-21:00 Sept.23,2021

Virtual PlatformZoom meeting ID: 819 1205 9359

OrganizersSWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Research Office

Speaker’s Profile

Dr. Bradd Shore is an American cultural anthropologist who is best known as a leading authority on Samoan culture and a foundational theorist of the cultural models school of cognitive and psychological anthropology. He is the Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Emory University and is a former Department Chair. He is the former Director of the Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life and is also a past President of the Society for Psychological Anthropology. His 1996 monograph Culture in Mind: Cognition, Culture and the Problem of Meaning was among the first studies to link multiculturalism to cognitive psychology, and was an effort to reformulate a conception of culture that could bridge the fields of anthropology and the cognitive sciences. It has become a keystone text in the field of cognitive anthropology. His first book, Sala’ilua: A Samoan Mystery (1982), was considered one of the earliest studies of ethnopsychology.

Lecture Preview

Introduction to Ritual Studies: what is Ritual, and why is it important to study? The presentation will help students understand the connections around different rituals by comparing personal and social rituals, daily rituals, and holy rituals.