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Jobs for Business Economics Teachers

Jobs for Business Economics Teachers

We have a well established teaching system which focuses on teaching quality. We provide professional training, active students, and friendly environment.

1. Job Description:

1) Teach finance, economics, and business courses to undergraduates and graduates.

2) Working hours: 16 class hours/week, 45 minutes/class hour + 4 office hours.

3) Working Starting Date: September 2018

4) Contract Duration: 1-year contract. If you like, the contract time can be extended.

5) Salary: It depends on your educational background and working experience.

6) Probation Period: 6 months

7) Flight ticket and accommodation fee will be provided.

8) Working visa and the health insurance will be sponsored.

2. Teachers' Qualifications:

1) English native speaker

2) Master's degree or above, with MBA preferred

3) Two years' full time teaching experience

4) Relevant working experience

5) Age: 24-55

SWUFE is a top university specialised in finance, economics and business. It is known for its entrepreneurial character and unremitting endeavours to address the needs of the people and society through academics, research and influence of alumni, drawn from legacy of its founders and generations of excellent alumni. SWUFE is located in Chengdu, the centre for development of western China and the fourth largest aviation hub in China.

Chengdu is one of China's largest and fastest growing cities in the west. It is often described as a 'second-tier city,' which means it has all of the conveniences one would expect in a modern city, while at the same time preserving a more traditional attitude. Also, the cost of living is significantly lower than the major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and HongKong, etc. It is a city of opportunity and potential, full of fascinating sights, friendly people and delicious food.

If you are interested in more details about this job. Please do not hesitate to contact us and send your resume, a recent photo and relevant certificates as soon as possible. We will provide you with further details and arrange for your interview upon receipt of your email. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Contact: Niki

Office phone: +86-28-87092615