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SWUFE Hosts Financial Powerhouse Academic Seminar and Index Release Conference

Beijing, April 21, 2024 - The School of Finance, Institute of Chinese Financial Studies at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), in collaboration with the China Academy of Financial Research, convened the Financial Powerhouse Academic Seminar and Index Release Conference. Themed "Financial Powerhouse Construction and Chinese-style Modernization," the event attracted over 50 attendees from academia and industry to deliberate on the challenges and strategies pertaining to the development of a financial powerhouse.

SWUFE Vice President Yin Qingshuang opened the conference with expressions of gratitude to the contributing experts, scholars, and societal stakeholders for their enduring support. He underscored the financial discipline's indispensable role in advancing a financial powerhouse's agenda. Following this, Vice President Wang Qing introduced the inaugural "Financial Powerhouse Index Report," which comprehensively evaluates the progress of 36 major economies worldwide in their financial powerhouse endeavors.


Esteemed speakers, including Zhou Chengjun, Director of the PBC Institute of Finance, and Zhang Xiaojing, Director of the CASS Institute of Finance, delivered keynote addresses delving into the necessity, current status, and future directions of financial powerhouse construction. Their emphasis centered on the strategic imperatives of global enterprise expansion, national financial security enhancement, and bolstering international competitiveness.


The "Financial Powerhouse Index Report" delineated China's notable strengths in economic fundamentals and financial infrastructure, manifesting a consistent upward trajectory in the financial powerhouse index. Nonetheless, the report also identified areas such as technology transfer and environmental sustainability as focal points necessitating further attention, particularly in the realms of talent development and regulatory refinement.


Furthermore, scholars from the Capital University of Economics and Business, Renmin University of China, Beihang University, and other esteemed institutions engaged in detailed discussions encompassing financial talent cultivation, financial security, and real economy-centric financial services, offering pragmatic insights and recommendations for advancing the financial powerhouse agenda.


The conference served as a platform to showcase SWUFE's research contributions in the financial domain and provide substantive theoretical underpinnings and pragmatic guidance for China's pursuit of financial powerhouse status. Its successful conclusion marks a notable stride forward in China's journey towards financial powerhouse stature.



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