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The 15th 'Guanghua Cup' Fitness and Vitality Competition Successfully Concludes at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics


On April 28th, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) successfully held the award ceremony for its 15th "Guanghua Cup" Fitness and Vitality Competition, marking the successful conclusion of this multi-day sports event. As one of the series of events celebrating the upcoming centenary of the university, the theme of the event was "Celebrating the New Era, Striving for a New Journey, Welcoming the Centenary of the University, and Creating Brilliance for SWUFE," showcasing the vigorous vitality and outstanding sports talents of the students.

Senior university leaders, including Party Secretary Zhao Jianjun, President Li Yongqiang, and several well-known figures from the sports industry, attended the evening gala held in the Student Activity Center Auditorium. Vice President Li Zhisheng emphasized the crucial role of sports in the "Five Education Integration" system and expressed the university's ongoing efforts to promote sports teaching reform, aiming to cultivate students with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, and labor skills.


The competition attracted over 3,000 students from 18 colleges, participating in six major categories: artistic gymnastics, aerobics, sports dance, yoga, martial arts, and fitness. In addition to determining the winners in various competitions, creative awards such as Best Arrangement and Best Performance were also established. The "Most Popular Award" received online votes surpassing tens of thousands, demonstrating the widespread influence of the event.




The award ceremony was meticulously designed into three chapters: "Do Not Forget the Origins—Remembering the Past Years," "Do Not Waste Youth—With Classmates in Youthful Splendor," "Do Not Lose the Initial Aspiration—Although the Road Ahead is Long, We Will Arrive," combining exciting performances with the award presentation to showcase the perfect integration of youth vitality and sports spirit. The close interaction between university leaders and students, along with the distribution of fitness gifts on-site, further ignited the lively atmosphere of the evening gala.

The "Guanghua Cup" showcased students' sports skills and delved into and inherited the deep culture of sports at SWUFE. It not only added a dynamic gift to the university's 99th-anniversary celebration but also indicated that SWUFE will continue to advance on the path of comprehensive education, welcoming the centenary with a stronger physique and more resilient will and continuing to write a new chapter of glory for SWUFE sports.



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