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Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Marks 99th Anniversary with Flag-Raising Ceremony

On June 3rd, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) held a solemn and joyful flag-raising ceremony at its Guanghua and Liulin campuses to celebrate its 99th anniversary. Faculty, students, security personnel, and the flag-bearing squad gathered at the North Gate Plaza for this momentous occasion.


The ceremony, held at 7:30 am, was characterized by a dignified and festive atmosphere. The flag bearers, with resolute steps, carried the Five-Star Red Flag into the square. As the stirring melody of the national anthem sounded, the national flag ascended gracefully against the clear morning breeze. All attendees stood at attention, paying their respects with a solemn gaze, expressing their profound love for the motherland and heartfelt wishes for the university's milestone birthday.



University leaders delivered inspiring speeches, recounting SWUFE's 99-year journey from the banks of the Huangpu River to the Huanhua Stream, always aligned with the nation's destiny. Looking ahead to the centenary celebration next year, they called for a steadfast commitment to the mission of fostering talents for the nation, contributing to strategic national needs, and advancing the "New Finance" strategy to promote high-quality development and the establishment of a world-class university with distinctive features in finance and economics.

The event served as a testament to the university's rich history and its ongoing commitment to excellence, as it prepares to contribute further to China's modernization drive and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



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