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Academic Lecture: Technological Innovations in a Post-Pandemic world: which technologies came to stay

TopicTechnological Innovations in a Post-Pandemic world: which technologies came to stay

Speaker:Alexander Brem, Professor, University of Stuttgart

TimeJuly 11, 2022 (Monday)  15:15—16:15 

Virtual PlatformTencent ID:558-3314-9190

OrganizersSchool of Business Administration, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Research Office

Speaker’s Profile:

Alexander Brem is an Endowed Chaired Professor and Institute Head with the University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany. In addition, he is an Honorary Professor with the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark. His research interests include technological innovation and entrepreneurship. He is Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions and Engineering Management as well as Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Lecture Preview

In contrast to earlier coronavirus diseases such as SARS or MERS, whose impact was largely limited to specific regions of the world, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is affecting people across the globe. This presentation analyzes the effects of this worldwide phenomenon on certain technologies and how this may improve our lives. It presents technologies that relate directly to the treatment of the virus as well as those that have been used to adapt to living under this crisis. Given that such a pandemic will likely affect humanity again, this article also highlights how these technologies may prove helpful in the future. To this end, technological challenges, related innovation logics, and their social impacts are discussed in the context of a post-pandemic world.



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