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Chinese Language Programs

Chinese Language Programs

What distinguishes our Chinese training program from others?

The following features might be the answer:

» Top teaching quality: certified teachers with great experience in this field.

» Advanced facilities: well-equipped classrooms ensure your study environment.

» Small-class teaching: less than 15 students, and usually around 10 in a class.

» Free 1-on-1 tutor: one selected tutor for one student, free of charge.

» Various selective courses: economy lectures, Chinese cultural classes (martial arts, shadow boxing, calligraphy, etc) and a lot more.

» Personal service: from free airport pick-up to visa assistance, care on every student.

» Joyful campus life: colorful arts/sports activities including evening shows, performances, annual sports tournament, many community programs, etc.

» Wonderful city: gorgeous sceneries, high-quality life with a low living cost, historical city preserved with traditional culture.

For more information about the programs, online application, entrance exam and scholarships, etc. please visit the website of College of International Education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics:

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