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Campus Cafeterias & Supermarkets

Campus Cafeterias & Supermarkets

There are cafeterias on both SWUFE Guanghua & Liulin Campuses. Various dishes including muslim food are available.

Guanghua Campus: 1st and 4th Cafeteria

Liulin Campus: Yisu, Sanwei, Wugu Cafeteria

Students in Guanghua Campus may apply for a Canteen Card (Food Card) at the service counter of the 4th Cafeteria in Guanghua Campus from 12:00 to 12:30 or from 17:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday, with their passports. An application fee of RMB 15 will be charged. Then students can deposit the money into the card for meals at each cafeteria. Location of the counter in 4th Cafeteria: inside right hand side entry (when facing the building), just under the stairs.

Students in Liulin Campus have to register your profile data in SWUFE academic system before obtaining the SWUFE Campus Card (can be used in each cafeteria). Related procedures can be completed at CIE Guanghua or Liulin Campus.

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