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Visa & Residence Regulations

Visa & Residence Regulations

1. A valid visa (or Residence Permit, hereinafter referred to as “visa” unless particularly indicated) is the only official permit for your legal stay in China. Please monitor your visa status with great attention (in particular: X1 student entry visa will be valid for only 30 days after entry to China). If you have any questions on your visa, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any student whose visa is expired or will be expired in three days upon registration will NOT be allowed to register.

Registration of Accommodation is the very fundamental and important thing for your stay in China. For fresh students, this has to be completed within 24 hours upon your arrival in Chengdu. Registration of Accommodation is needed when there’s any change related to your visa or living address, including: visa extension, visa change, obtaining new visa, moving to new living place, etc. The Registration Form of Accommodation you require should be submitted to us.

Students living on-campus may take your passport and come to our Office 219 or 220 (Guanghua Campus) or Tongbo Building A518 (Liulin Campus) to obtain necessary guidance and documents for Registration of Accommodation. Students living off-campus should take your passport and rent contract to register at local police station. Registration of Accommodation is for free.

From the first entry date during the validity of your latest visa (here refer to “visa” only, excluding Residence Permit), if your stay in China (or applying period of stay in your visa application) exceeds one year, a medical test is needed before visa application. The only official site for medical test is Sichuan Health & Medical Center For International Travel (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Center”).

Necessary guidance and documents for medical test can be obtained at our Office 219 or 220 (Guanghua Campus) or Tongbo Building A518 (Liulin Campus). If you have got Medical Certificate issued by organizations which is officially recognized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate overseas, please submit the original papers to the Medical Center so they can decide whether none, part or full test will be carried out.

Please come to our Office 219 in Guanghua Campus for visa application (extension). Please make sure you have paid all necessary fees and taken the following documents or licenses with you:


Registration Form of Accommodation

One passport photo (1-2”)

Medical test certificate (if needed)

Family Relationship Certificate (if there’s any family dependent)

Documents of finished study in previous school (for students who transfer from another school)

Documents of finished work in previous organization (for students who currently holds a work visa)

2. (1) Students should carry ordinary passports and visas. Diplomatic passports or visas will not be accepted.

(2) New students should enter China with a X1 (X) or X2 (F) visa and register in person at the CIE, SWUFE within 72 hours of entering China. Within 48 hours of successful registration, students should register his/her living address at the local police station and complete all other visa-related procedures under the guidance of the CIE.

(3) Students should check the validity of his/her visa regularly during his/her stay in China and report to The Student Affairs’ Office 20 days prior to visa expiration. If a student is not clear about his/her visa information, he/she should consult with CIE staff immediately. For overstay due to a student’s own negligence (including: unclear of/misunderstanding the validity of the visa, failure to report on time before the visa expires, failure to submit all related documents for visa application, failure to pay all necessary fees, etc), the student will take full responsibility.

(4) Students must pay all necessary fees before visa application, otherwise CIE will not issue related documents.

(5) Normally a student will get a multiple-entry Residence Permit when applying for a visa (or visa extension), and the validity will be until March 31 (for the fall semester) or September 30 (for the spring semester). Students who fail to register within the registration period of a semester (including students who join a program in the middle of a semester) will only get a zero-entry X2 visa with its validity until March 31 (for the fall semester) or September 30 (for the spring semester).

(6) Visa application services at CIE will be closed during the summer/winter holidays. Students should make plans in advance and apply for visas before the semester ends or after the new semester begins.

(7) Within 48 hours of any change in the information of a student’s passport or visa, he/she must take his/her passport to The Student Affairs’ Office and record the new information.

(8) In unique cases such as a baby being born in China, passport being lost, etc, students should report to The Student Affairs’ Office within 24 hours to receive guidance.

(9) Under certain circumstances (for example severe violation to laws or regulations, withdrawing from school, etc), a student’s visa may be canceled and he/she will receive a temporary visa. If the proper procedures for visa cancellation is unsuccessful due to a student’s own fault, SWUFE will report to The Exit and Entry Bureau who will terminate the student’s visa directly. Termination of the visa will lead to overstay, restriction of re-entry, etc. The student will have to take full responsibility for any related consequences.

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