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Internet - Mobile - Banking - Postal Services

Internet - Mobile - Banking - Postal Services

1. Domestic and international letter/parcel delivery services available at each China Post center.Nearest China Post center at Guanghua Campus: No. 42 Guanghuacun Street, Floor 1 of Lebin Department Store (Opposite to 1st South Gate of Guanghua Campus).

2. Major international credit cards supported at most large shopping centers in China. Chinese domestic “UnionPay” cards supported at most restaurants and other places.

Major debit/credit cards supported at most ATMs for cash withdrawn, Please consult your bank card provider for details.

West Union services available at various financial institutions including Agricultural Bank of China.

Cash exchange services available at various financial institutions including Bank of China. This service requires students to show in person with their own passports.

There are various banks around SWUFE Guanghua & Liulin Campuses, including Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, etc.

For your convenience staying in Chengdu, we recommend international students to open an account at Chinese domestic banks. This service requires students to show in person with their own passports.

ATTENTION! Please pay extra attention to financial crimes. If you receive any calls/messages asking for your bank account information or asking you to make a transfer, please do consult us before making a decision!

3. In SWUFE every dormitory room is equipped with cable Internet access. For in-room internet access, international students in Guanghua Campus please bring your passport and your Admission Letter with you and go to the Room 907 of Guanghua Building in Guanghua Campus to register and pay fees (RMB 50 for connection fee and RMB 20 for monthly fee). Working hour is before 3pm during work day while lunch break is from 12pm to 1pm. International students in Liulin Campus have to register your information in SWUFE Academic System in advance. Please consult us for detailed procedures.

Please set your computer to “Obtain IP address automatically”. Please note that the Internet Office is closed during winter and summer holiday. If you stay on campus during holidays, please make sure that your payment covers that period in advance.

WIFI coverage is in most buildings in both campuses, and currently Guest Access (temporary access for free) is in function.

ATTENTION! please do NOT use any routers in your dormitory room unless they have been set up by our staff from the campus internet center.

4. There are three major mobile phone carriers in China (China Mobile, China Unicom & China Telecom). Since a direct comparison is somewhat difficult to make as there are various factors to be addressed, please try to consider: price, speed, contract options, and international compatibility. You are encouraged to consult with Retail Stores sales representative for details, or visit our website for some information. Your passport is needed for SIM Card registration in the store.

Please note that most mobile plans disallow making international phone calls. Only major stores of each carriers provide registration services for foreigners. For information reasons, below we only list one China Mobile store which has such services.

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